Month of 1sts

Month of Firsts – July 2017

Here we go again, time to round-up the firsts for another month.  I started this series of posts because I have a type of epilepsy that affects my short-term memory.  Quite simply if I don’t write it down I forget it.  I don’t want to forget the moments that have brought a smile to my face, those that pulled at my heart-strings and even those that left me wanting to rip my hair out in frustration.  Thankfully there have been none of the latter this month – that I can recall – so Harry here are your firsts for July:

  • Had candyfloss – We had been to a party and the Mum had arranged to have a candyfloss machine there. I tried to steer you away from it but the noise generated by your classmates caught your attention. The sight of something blue and sticky that you could actually EAT (it wasn’t Play-Doh) meant you were glued to the spot. Ten minutes later – and a lot of pushing and shoving in the queue – we were out. You were ecstatic and I resigned myself for a nightmare of an afternoon as your sugar levels rocketed off in to space.
  • Swam underwater – planned as well. It wasn’t just because you were sinking.


  • Turned 4
  • Had your first class party – Following suit with the rest of your classmates I held a party for you.  I only told you with an hour to go that you were having one. You were so excited that you greeted guests by sprinting over to squeal at them in some sort of high-pitched alien voice. You were most definitely the sweatiest, loudest and happiest one there. Two hours after the party ended I could still hear the noise of the children in my head. Having made up food boxes and sweet cones for 30, wrapped the pass the parcel, socialised with the parents and then tidied away, I was ready for a well-earned Nana nap.  Note to self: Next year book a play barn and have them do everything. It’s worth every penny!!!

Birthday, 4, Party

  • Switched on the main light in your room without the need to use your step – Granted you still have to jump to reach it. Evidenced by the dirty hand marks on the wall.
  • Gymnastics medal – It wasn’t for “The least likely gymnastic” but if the cap fits….

Gymnastics, Medal

  • Had a slush drink – I refer you to the bullet point about the first taste of candyfloss. Different substance yet the same result.
  • Went bowling – You came last so the less said about that the better.  On the plus side you have plenty of time to practice before you suggest it to someone as a date.

Love you x

Month of 1sts

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