Top 10 Wake-up calls, Morning Mummy

Morning Mummy – My Top 10 Wake-Up Calls

I no longer need an alarm clock to wake me up.  In fact I haven’t needed one for the last 4 years.  You see Harry is the most effective alarm clock I’ve ever had because he wakes at the same time EVERY DAY, his voice has no volume control and his “snooze” button doesn’t work.  I also never know what to expect out of his mouth as he greets me in the morning.  Some of the things I have woken up to have made me question whether someone gave me drugs in my sleep.   See for yourself because here are my favourite top 10 – and random – wake-up calls:

1.       Harry Morris has a pet tortoise called Frank

2.      Has your brain started again?

3.      Mere cats don’t wear sunglasses

4.      Cows are cows

5.      Dinosaurs have no ears

6.      Is your tongue working yet?

7.      Some ladies have beards (said whilst wearing two pairs of underpants on his head)

8.      I love you from one giraffe to another

9.      The Easter bunny brings chocolate from the rabbit shop

10.   If I eat all my broccoli my willy will grow

I have stopped trying to work out what is going on in his head and why such things pop out of his mouth first thing in the morning.  All I can say is that you never get that sort of amusement (or should that be bemusement) from a clock radio, and anything that makes me laugh at 6.15am has got to be worth waking up for.     


Harry’s Honest Mummy x  

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15 thoughts on “Morning Mummy – My Top 10 Wake-Up Calls”

  1. Great wake up calls! Very funny. Who knows what it will be tomorrow….! #MMBC

  2. This is literally my favorite thing. ‘Will my willy grow’? hahaha these things are always priceless!
    When we take bertie out to the toilet Little R watches and then tells him off when he hasn’t pood – “BeeBees more poo, please”. I love kids! #anythinggoes

  3. HILARIOUS post! #4, #7, and #10 were my personal favorites. Gotta love what kiddos may come up with! #anythinggoes

    1. They certainly keep us on our toes 😁 thanks for commenting x

  4. If I eat all my broccolli my willy will go is my top favourite! Brilliant! If that were true, all men would be broccolli mad! #TwinklyTuesday

  5. Love this (and would like to know how you responded to all these!) #anythinggoes

    1. hahahaha, usually with raised eyebrows, a bemused smile on my face and the words “that’s lovely”. Thanks for popping over.

  6. Great post! Cheered up my lunchtime on a drizzly day in Yorkshire!

    1. Fabulous. That makes me happy. Thanks for commenting x

  7. Haha brilliant! Definitely better than an alarm clock!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  8. I’m pretty sure lots of men would start eating broccoli if number 10 were true!! I get bombarded with a Mummy on full volume first thing at the moment, he’s only just gone into a toddler bed and hasn’t worked he could climb out and walk through to see me. I hope he doesn’t do it in the middle of the night!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. I’d never thought about that. Very funny. There would be a stock out at the supermarket if that were the case hahaha


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