Snapshot of the Week // Little Boy Blue

Family walk in winter

The sun shone and the wind cut right through you but it did nothing to ruin his enjoyment of playing out in the woods.  We also gave his new wellies a thorough road test – splashing in the river water, climbing up the banks, walking through the mud and jumping in EVERY puddle – and thankfully they passed with flying colours.  Shame that the same could not be said for the jeans!

Muddy Wellies

Pumpkin Patch

Magic Moments // Pumpkin Picking

I have never picked a pumpkin.  I don’t particularly like pumpkin so there has never been a need to.  But having a child means you have an excuse a reason to try new things.  I’d seen photos of friends that had gone pumpkin picking and it looked like good fun so I decided that we were going to give it a try. I had a romantic vision of fields full of autumnal colours, neat rows of pumpkins, and happy children skipping among them.  The reality was very, very, different.  Now, I have only watched Read on…