Month of Firsts – May 2017

Month of Firsts

Here we are again, time to round up all of your “firsts” for another month.  I started this series of posts because I have a type of epilepsy that affects my short term memory.  Quite simply if I don’t write it down I forget it.  I don’t want to forget the moments that have brought a smile to my face, those […]

June 19, 2017

Magic Moments // Pumpkin Picking


I have never picked a pumpkin.  I don’t particularly like pumpkin so there has never been a need to.  But having a child means you have an excuse a reason to try new things.  I’d seen photos of friends that had gone pumpkin picking and it looked like good fun so I decided that we were […]

November 5, 2016

Magic Moments // First Bake Off

Magic Moments

I’ve been meaning to do a bit more “makey-do” stuff with Harry so when I was out shopping and spotted The Good Dinosaur Cake Packet Mix, it was a complete no-brainer what our next mum and son activity was going to be. The Good Dinosaur was the first film that we took Harry to see and we all […]

April 25, 2016