Magic Moments – 28/06/2015

Chasing ducks by the River Dee

I decided to take the risk of going swimming again this week.  For those of you that have read a previous post you will know that this was a big deal, as last time we Swimming Posterwent swimming it very nearly ended up with me being banned from all public places.  The ace up my sleeve was that his girlfriend was coming with us.  And what a transformation!  He was giggling, splashing, shouting, and kicking (and not at me this time).  In fact it was as if I had taken a different child there.  Anything his girlfriend did he had to try to do and more.  He is such a flirt and it made me burst with pride watching him make her laugh.

I took the day off work on Friday and the both of us spent the day with Taid Chasing ducks by the River DeeBobby.  We walked in to Chester and spent some time chasing the ducks down by the River Dee – him not me, or Taid Bobby for that matter – and watching the boats go up and down.  He loved waving at the people inside them and shouting “Hi Man” as they went past.  When they waved back it just encouraged him to shout louder.  It is definitely a trip his Daddy and I need to take him on despite Daddy’s reluctance when I suggested it later on at home.

After that we wandered off in to Grosvenor Park and found that we were surrounded by SQUIGGLES (squirrels to you and me).  Have you seen the film UP?  “I love you, I love you…..SQUIRRELS….”?  If not then that meant no sense to you at all.  Needless to say Harry could focus on nothing else.  He was obsessed by them.  Playing in Grosvenor ParkHe ran in a million different directions trying to catch them.  The poor things were terrorised by him. Normally they are quite brazen and wander up to steal your food, but on this day they scattered under bushes, hedges, up trees, in bins and wherever else they could to get away from him.  If Chester City Council ever have a problem with them then they know who to get in touch with.  Problem solved.

(I couldn’t get my camera out to take any photos of him rounding up the squirrels as I was too busy chasing him across the park to make sure he didn’t get bitten.  So here is one of him chilling on the snail in the play park afterwards).

Another weekend and another birthday party.  This time an 18th, and in the style of a garden tea party.  Where there is afternoon tea being served there is also cake, and Harry found plenty of it.  Every time he came back to us there was a different variety in his hand.  I am just hoping that he didn’t pick one up, lick it and then put it back down again to then Tea Partygo and pick another up.  He has been known to do that before…..  There was a very special moment when a 5-year-old boy wanted Harry to play hide and seek with him and said “you count and I will go and hide”.  He would have been hiding for quite some time! Priceless.

Have a good week everyone


Harry’s Honest Mummy x