Snapshot of the Week // Sammy The Snail


My snapshot of the week this week is of Harry proudly showing off his new friend – Sammy the snail. We’d gone in to the garden to clean up after the high winds the night before, and he found the snail taking shelter under the climbing frame. He wouldn’t put the him down. It was […]

My Week In Pictures // Week 9

My Week In Pictures

My Week In Pictures // Week 9 My week this week is summed up in one picture.  Harry holding up the much coveted Football Player of the Week trophy.  Apologies for the quality of it.  I took it on my phone as we headed back to the car. You have no idea just how much […]

My Week In Pictures // Week 8

My Week In Pictures

  My Week In Pictures // Week 8 Chester Zoo We arranged to go to Chester Zoo at the weekend and renew our annual pass.  Unfortunately we hadn’t looked at the weather forecast.  It was a grey and bitterly cold day but we wrapped up and braved it anyhow.  I took the camera hoping to […]

My Week In Pictures // Week 7

My Week In Pictures

Party Time Top – This week we celebrated my sister’s 50th birthday.  I was really nervous because she had said she didn’t want a party.  In fact she was allergic to the idea.  Her husband died 2 years ago and the plan was they would have a joint one.  So I understand why she felt […]

My Week In Pictures // Week 6

My Week In Pictures

My Week In Pictures is where I choose a maximum of 3 pictures to sum up my week. This collection of posts is designed to help me focus on the happy stuff in my week.  This series will also – hopefully – help me combine my three favourite things in my life: my family, my […]