Welcome to my blog.

This blog is purely for my own indulgence.  I have a poor memory – made even worse due to a combination of epilepsy and sleep deprivation – and so this is to record my observations on my journey through motherhood.

I will give an honest account of the things that amuse me, frustrate me and excite me about parenting.

I hope that one day my son will be able to read this back and realise that I am a human being with a heart and not just the human being that frequently says “no” to his requests.

If you chose to read on then I hope that I provide re-assurance, laughs, and advice – although I caveat this as it was never intended as an advice column.  I am by no means an expert on these matters. Just a new mum trying to find her way.

Harry I can only apologise.  Just keep smiling at Mummy, she is trying her best.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

Welcome, Harrys Honest Mummy

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