In order to cash in on student fees there are a variety of courses offered by universities that are – well how can I put it – pointless for future job prospects.  Baking Technology Management, Viking Studies, Surf Science and Technology are just a few examples to back up my claim. (Source: The Telegraph – ten unusual degrees you never knew existed)

In the last few years countless new courses have been introduced to swell the University coffers.  In 2014 compared to 2013 the number of student places rose by 4% (580,000 students).

But has anyone thought of a course in Mummyology?  I swear this is an instant money spinner.  It could also be done long distance and therefore cut down on the costs for running the course.

Topics could include things such as:


  1. Know your baby’s own cry in a room above all other children crying
  2. Know what that cry means – it’s only taken me about 18 months to work that out.  Until then I put everything down to teething.


  1. Biological content
  2. Understanding the psyche of a nappy marketer.  See my earlier post – Nappy Attack


  1. Learn how to forecast climate conditions in order to determine the impact on fashion choices

The list goes on, but you get my point.

Watch this space…..I for one have always wanted an “ology” and surely we should get some sort of certificate for all our hard efforts.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x


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