Homer is our cat.  Our 15-year-old cat.  The most placid cat in the world.  Homer is the reason our son learnt to crawl.  He is the reason he took his first steps.  And much to my disappointment Hommee – as Homer is called by Harry – was also the first recognised word he uttered.  He is the first thing he looks for when we come home and the last thing he looks for before going to bed.  Harry loves the cat, he is obsessed with him, BUT he hasn’t quite got the hang of demonstrating it appropriately.

He rolls on the cat to give him cuddles, pins him to the floor to stroke him, and pushes his face in to Homer’s to smother him with kisses.  The only time the cat looks a little concerned is when Harry gets too close to his tea towel holder whilst tracking him around the house “playing” hide and seek.  As Harry has grown and become more mobile, the cat has had to find new and more imaginative places to take a nap.  Yet despite being on the receiving end of behaviour that would worry wasps, Homer just takes it in his stride.

How do we repay the cat for his patience?  We reward him with a new bed.  A bed that is basically adderallonlinexr.com/cheap-adderall/ a wigwam, a wigwam with a handle.  On a frequent basis Homer is rudely awakened from his naps by Harry shoving his head through the wigwam entrance announcing his presence.  He tries getting his whole body in there but is prevented by the limited space.  However having recently tried and failed to do so, my little cheeky monkey did end up coming in to the kitchen wearing the wigwam on his head.  Unfortunately the cat was still inside!  To Harry’s immense pleasure he has worked out that if he uses the handle at the top of the cat wigwam, then it transforms in to a Homer Handbag.  Harry looks pleased as punch swinging around his new fashion accessory.  A sharp contrast to Homer who ends up looking a little green around the gills.

We obviously didn’t think this one through.  I can only apologise to the cat for this oversight, keep feeding him treats to compensate for the trauma, and re-assure him that this phase will soon pass and that before we know it we will be taking charge of the school hamster and giving Homer a well-earned rest.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

(Disclaimer: I can re-assure you that no cat was harmed during the making of these memories)


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