Top Parenting Trends 2015…..apparently…..

I read with interest today the following article

And, indeed it was interesting.  Some I was bemused at, others baffled, and some I kind of agreed with.    So here goes with my honest account of the ones that stood out for me:

Brelfies – No one and I mean no-one wants to take – or see – a picture of me breastfeeding.  Whilst some celebs have endorsed it, there is no amount of amateur  air brushing that is going to make a photo of me in the same position look heavenly and serene.  It strikes me immediately as the equivalent of your hubby recreating the classic Athena “Man cradling baby” poster pose.  Your own version just never quite cuts the mustard.  Those that captured the moment on camera have long since destroyed the evidence, and would never admit it unless under extreme torture and/or the influence of mind bending substances.

Post baby body photo shoot – we should be confident and embrace it as giving birth is a magical thing we have all just done.  So if we are that proud to show it off then why are all the photos I have seen re-touched.  Be proud, be natural.

Pee parties – So the couple holding the event build up to that moment of tension.  The lights go up, the music is turned down and the canapés are put to one side.  They whip the pee stick out and announce the results to the expectant (no pun intended) audience.  Can you imagine how uncomfortable this scenario could be? If the result was positive does someone jump up and snatch the wine out of their hands and hand them a glass of water whilst they sit for the rest of the party watching everyone else get sloshed? Or if it went the other way would you feel compelled to top up the wine, start a chorus of Its Raining Men and start twerking to divert attention #awkward

No spend days – Another “new idea” is to spend the whole day not spending a penny.  Well I don’t know about you but when I was growing up this was called normality. As far as I am aware Rounders, Kirbie, Hula Hooping, Den Building, Water Fights (using a used up washing- up bottle if you were posh) all had no costs associated to them.

Retro parties – Jelly and ice cream, balloons etc   Stop the press as I have news for you.  These aren’t retro.  Again, these are normal are they not?  Next we will be told that walking your kids to school is considered cutting edge.

Combined baby names – Forget the hassle of having two names you just can’t choose between, combine them i.e. Jennifer and Isabel = Jennibel.  Now this is one you could have soooo much fun with and it could lead to a few interesting combinations – Sico (Simon and Colm) and Sumo (Summer and Molly) are combinations best to be avoided.

And that my friends is my very honest round-up of the 2015 trends top parenting trends.  In conclusion I think I am more than confident to say that I am happy not being someone else’s vision of trendy.  I am more than happy to blaze my own trail.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

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