My Week at a Glance

It’s been a great week to be out and about due to that strange yellow circle in the sky that we don’t see often enough in this country (especially Up North).  The week started off inhaling ice cream in the park on a family outing that included my grown up step daughter.  I have just hit 40 and she has just hit 20.  It was amusing to see people wondering which off us is Mum to Harry, especially because she shares many likenesses to him.  We have visited all the parks in our local area and been to feed the ducks – although most of it ended up in his own mouth.  I was surprised he had room for an ice-lolly.

The week also gave me the chance to sort through the box of summer clothes that were bought last year in the sales to see what actually fitted and what would go straight to the Charity Shop.  Do we all do this?  I am always tempted by a £1 t-shirt and inevitably it is too small by the time it gets round to wearing it and so ends up as a duster.  It was also lovely to see his little chubby legs dangling out of his shorts.  This is the only likeness to me and might have tipped the balance in my favour of being his mum, but I wasn’t brave enough to bare my St Tropez free legs to the world just yet.

Instead of Easter eggs this year my husbands ex-wife – who we have a great relationship with and who adores Harry – bought him a Dinosaur Sticker Album.  I thought it was too old for him but his eyes lit up and he immediately said “hasaurs” (he can’t quite say dinosaur yet) and roared at me.  It made me feel very proud and amazed at what he has taken in from things around him.

I hope you too had a good week and there were things that happened to give you a nice warm glow – and I don’t just mean the sunshine.



Harry’s Honest Mummy x

5 thoughts on “My Week at a Glance

  1. Yep. Loving the sunshine this weekend. Baby B has been discovering flowers and pointing at trees! Can’t wait till he can say hasaurs :)

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  2. I agree with every point you have made :-)
    At the moment I am finding all of the heads of the dinosaur stickers in the book, and the bodies stuck to bits of furniture. He hasn’t quite worked out:
    1. That you leave them in the book once you stick them down
    2. That if you do decide to peel them off that you do it very gently
    Better than sticky chocolate finger prints everywhere though!


  3. What a cutie. I think it’s so nice that you have such a great relationship with your husband ex wife- and so nice she didn’t buy chocolate!

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  4. Thanks for joining the #myweekataglance Linky

    Looks like you had a lovely week, it’s great to see that sunshine isn’t it!?

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind post. I was very nervous linking up. Glad you liked my first attempt. See you next week.



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