My Liebster Award

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Working mummy and wife for my nomination.  The Liebster Award is given by a blogger, to a blogger and is a list of questions that dig a little bit deeper so that people can get to know the person behind the words a little bit better.  The rules are that I must answer 11 questions, and then come up with 11 new ones to send on to 11 other bloggers.

The questions I have been asked to answer were much harder to do than I thought.  It took a while to get the brain juices flowing.  About two weeks in fact!  So let’s go:

  1. What inspired you to start a blog?

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in my mid-30’s.  I have simple partial seizures and have since realised that my short-term memory is pretty poor.  This is a common condition with my form of epilepsy.  My husband reels off places we have visited, restaurants we have eaten at and films we have watched.  All of which I struggle to remember and it makes me sad.  Becoming a mum I am determined not to forget the priceless moments I have with my son.  Admittedly I didn’t start writing it straight away.  It took a snapped Achilles and being bed bound to stop talking about it and start doing something about it.  See, there is always a positive to every situation!

2.  Sweet or savoury?

Definitely savoury.  I love crisps, marmite and pork scratchings.  All things that are really wrong for you when you are still trying to shift the baby weight.

3.  Night in or night out?

I love a night in.  I know, it’s sad but I really like snuggling up together on the sofa with a glass of wine and either a good film or a good book.  When we go out one of us usually ends up driving anyhow so at least this way we can both have a drink.

4.  What song sums you/your life up?

Don’t worry be happy.

5.  What is your starsign and do you think you follow the typical traits for that sign?

I am a Leo.  And I am soooooo a Leo.  I am very loyal to my friends and have had the same close group now since primary school.  I love making friends and finding out about people.  I am a bit of a showman and like to make people laugh and I am always looking on the bright side of things.  On the flip side I have an ego (little), I am a bit controlling and I do have a temper.

6.  What super-power would you most like to have, and why?

The ability to control the weather.  My birthday is the end of July and I should be able to guarantee sunshine but alas not. I am fed up of arranging and then cancelling BBQ’s.

7.  What is your favourite meal?

Fish and chips.  As a comedian I heard once said “I think I have an illness as I can’t walk past a chippy if it is open!

8.  What is the first thing you’d do if you won big on the lottery?

Depends on how big.  If it was MASSIVE then I would get rid of most of it to charitable causes.  I couldn’t live a life under threat of being kidnapped or worse.  With a manageable amount I would take my family away to celebrate as the past year has been a very tough one.  God, if you are reading this then please throw a little luck my way.

9.  What is your life’s ambition?

It’s corny I know but it is to just be a great mum and give my son all the re-assurance and direction he needs to develop in to a fine young man.  And then my job will be done.

10.  Do you have a favourite place, and if so why?

Polzeath.  We go in our caravan every year and just chill out.  The minute we drive down the hill I can feel all the stresses just leave my body.

11.  If you could go back and speak to yourself when you left school, what would you say?

Don’t be in too much of hurry to get a job and start the climbing the career ladder.  Start saving and then go travelling and experience new things.

I hope you have found this informative and it gives you a better insight in to who I am.  I now have 11 questions of my own:

  1. If you could go back to a time in your life when would it be and why?
  2. What would be your last meal?
  3. Who would you like to meet in person (past or present)?
  4. What dance best describes your personality?
  5. 80’s or rave?
  6. Which 4 people would you like to cook for (famous or non-famous)?
  7. What hobby from childhood do you wish you had kept up?
  8. Holidays – UK or abroad?
  9. What movie would you most like to star in?
  10. What is your favourite song and why?
  11. What do you most enjoy about being a parent?

I would like to nominate the following 11 blogs for this award:

(Apologies if you have already been nominated.  I know I am pretty late in the game)

  1. What baby did next
  2. Kerry
  3. Twinmummyyummy
  4. threeby3baby
  5. Mrs Mumsie
  6. Newcastle familylife
  7. Lily Mae Adventures
  8. Accidental Parent
  9. Dribble Blog
  10. louleemoms
  11. Mumma Plus Three

I look forward to reading them all.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

2 thoughts on “My Liebster Award

  1. I enjoyed this post! I’m definitely a home body too. Since becoming married I ditched nights out for nights in on the sofa with a glass of wine. It’s a nice way to relax x


  2. Thank you for the nomination! Working on it now ;-)



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