Body Beautiful – Chemist Direct Review

My summer holiday is approaching in only a few weeks time so that can only mean two things:

  1. Hitting the gym
  2. Baring my bodyChemist Direct Review

Operation Body Beautiful needs to swing in to action and pretty darn quick.  It is nearly two years now since having my little cheeky monkey and the time is right to squeeze it back in to Lycra in my quest to be beach body perfect.  Not that it ever was in the first place but a girl can lie dream.  Post pregnancy my skin looks tired and sallow, I have bags under my eyes, my hair is frizzy and my teeth seem to stain easily.  At this point I am aware that I am not painting the most flattering picture of myself, in fact it is almost akin to a wicked witch from a children’s tale.  The only thing telling us apart is that my skin isn’t green, I don’t cackle and my nails are nibbled off short.  So with summer approaching and my son’s second birthday on the horizon there are no more excuses.  It’s time to get with the programme.

Thankfully the good folks at Chemist Direct stepped in and asked me to do a review and without hesitation I said yes.  With a budget in hand I scoured the website seeing what I could spoil myself with.

The range of goodies that Chemist Direct offer was astounding.  It was quick and easy to register and their website was clearly set out and easy to navigate using filters and clear headings.  The offers were great and the ability to bulk-buy was genius.  In the end I ordered whitening toothpastes (might as well give a few of them a whirl), luxurious body wash, scrubs, polishes and moisturiser; nail repair gels, hair repair, conditioners and gloss.  I was even tempted by some SlenderTone Bottom Pads, curious to see whether it would give me the Kim Kardashian effect, but when it mentioned electrical currents all I could think of was the drain on the National Grid!  And finally, just in case I overdid it at the gym I even threw in some paracetamol and ibuprofen gel.

There were just a few downsides, but they were only minor ones.  There are no nail files, brushes, tweezers etc, or cosmetics, and it did take me a while to find moisturiser as I expected it to be in the “Toiletries” category yet it was hidden in “Fragrance and Beauty”.

In summary, the Chemist Direct experience was a very positive one.  I didn’t have to spend hours at the weekend walking up and down aisles getting lost and then queuing with the tribes of fresh faced teenagers buying spot cream or the OAP’s buying corn plasters.  I didn’t have to restrain a small child from grabbing everything off the shelves.  I didn’t have to be embarrassed by the pitying look of the shop assistant as she eyed the contents of my basket.  More importantly I could do it from the comfort of my own home and not have to pay 5p for a flimsy carrier bag to transport them home in.  As a busy working mum I would recommend this service to anyone as it was just so simple.

And as for the results?  Well my hair is definitely glossier, my nails look amazing, my skin glistens in the sunlight and despite what my husband says, I think my teeth look whiter.  Most importantly I have regained my mojo.  Oh the beach body?? That has some way to go but at least I won’t be shy of exposing it in Lycra now.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

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