My Week at a Glance 14/06/2015

Things have been going at a million miles an hour the last few weeks so it was good to have the day off work on Friday to take my little cheeky monkey to Chester Zoo. Harry adores the “nanimals” and luckily we invested in a season pass so it is really handy just to pack a picnic and pop along for an hour or two.

Our adventure this week took us in to the building called the Tropical Realm.   Despite the giant tortoises, caymans, and the colourful big birdies walking around, what really sent him in to a state of delirium turned out to be nothing at all with wings or four legs.  You see, to keep the temperature tropical they must spray water in to the enclosure which in turn creates……..PUDDLES!  So yes, you have guessed it, cue small child jumping from one puddle to another shouting “muddy puddles”.  Picture the scene.  I am juggling the bag, the pram and the camera and trying to navigate around people and objects to try and catch a small screaming tearaway who is having the time of his life.  If the bearded man in camo shorts is reading this then I can only thank you for joining in and slowing him down so that I could catch up.  To the woman in the beige chino’s all I can say is that I honestly believe they looked better with the splash pattern detailing.  She definitely wasn’t a mum because

  • You wouldn’t stand too close to a puddle in light clothing
  • You accept that you don’t stay clean for more than a few hours
  • You learn to laugh off the small things
  • You would never give a fellow mum such a withering look

(During the chaos I managed to delete all the photos, including of the new baby giraffe, off my camera resulting in lots of silent swearing.  Hence no photos of our trip to the zoo).

GaGa's Garden
GaGa’s Garden
GaGa's Garden 2
Running away from the scene of the crime

The following day we went to see Ganma and Gaga.  Harry was full of beans and so we tried to tire him out playing chase.  It was very impressive how far

Game of chase
Game of chase

and how fast he could go and for quite some time too.  After we left Gaga also needed a little lie down to recover.  He also loves Gaga’s garden, in particular the greenhouse.  Gaga and Ganma are keen gardeners and Harry loves walking around all the seedling pots pulling them out whilst I follow behind him shoving them back in with my thumb.  If nothing grows next year then I am not confessing to a thing!  If there is an opposite to Mr Bloom then I have given birth to it.

Have a great week everyone.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x


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