Magic Moments – 26/07/2015

Magic MomentsAfter the excitement of Harry’s birthday last week, the reality set in of where to tidy away all of his new things.  Everyone was really generous and as a result he got way too much stuff.  So I deployed a tried and tested method to deal with it.  I hid some away in a cupboard with the intention of bringing them out bit by bit throughout the year.  Just hope to god I don’t forget where I put them, and 10 years from now find a bubble blowing gun hidden away when he is more in to Air Jordan’s and X-box!

The trampoline has been a massive hit, and whether it is morning, noon or night all I hear is “Mummy cub on” (Mummy come on).  At the weekend I didn’t even get chance to get changed out of my jim-jams so our neighbours would’ve had a right eyeful if they had been awake at that time of morning and looking out of their window.  The sight of me braless, in my night-wear, jumping up and down to the delight of my child might have given our elderly neighbour a heart attack!

On Saturday Harry’s girlfriend Hollie came over to play.  They get on great, and having them both here together gave me time to get on with writing the thank-you notes.   She stayed for lunch and I cooked them up a romantic meal.  Baked cod loin wrapped in rustic bread crumbs on a bed of lattice dauphinoise potatoes, drizzled in bean jus (OK, OK – fishfingers, potato waffles and beans – it was quick and simple and I was feeling lazy!).

Sunday was Hollie’s birthday party and she had a disco at a local playbarn.  Harry was front and centre entertaining everyone with the shapes he was busting.  My husband and I accused each other of teaching him how to dance “gangnam style”, and we still have no idea where he has picked up those moves.  We were laughing so much that we didn’t capture it on video.  However, that moment will stick with us for ever.  He was brilliant.  So much so that he won the award for best boy dancer.  I was so proud.  His very first award.  It now takes pride of place on my kitchen door.  And, it would seem that this has spurred him on to dance to every single song he hears.  It’s a joy to watch and something I will continue to encourage.  My very own little twinkle toes.  Strictly Come Dancing is calling!

Have a good week everyone.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

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