Magic Moments – 05/07/2015

Unfortunately Mummy has been ill this week so there aren’t as many magic moments to report on as there normally are. Typically I picked my bug up from my child.  Now that I am a parent I realise that they are very generous with sharing them.  By the weekend I started to feel marginally better, but still not right enough to venture too far away from home. Thankfully though the weather was kind so H could spend a lot of it out in the garden. I built him an obstacle course out of all the plastic c#@p we have out there for him and he was in his element. As was I, as it meant I could lie down in the shade and stop the world from spinning madly whilst he entertained himself and ran himself in to the ground. Miraculously it was even warm enough to get the paddling pool out which became multi purpose as a sun lounger, ball pit and paddling pool.

Magic MomentsSomething else to cheer me up was the sight of my favourite flowers coming in to bloom. They are the only flowers I was going to see to cheer me up, as my hubby only buys them for Valentines day and our Anniversary. He says they wouldn’t mean as much if I got them all the time, but he really is just tight.  I might just pop out and buy some for myself…..out of the joint account of course 😆

Have a great week everyone


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

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