Magic Moments – 19/07/2015

The last week has been a bit of a blur because it was completely dominated by my little cheeky monkey’s 2nd birthday.  Yes 2!!  I can’t believe it.  The preparation that went in to it was exhausting.  We had to clean, plan what to eat, buy the food, cook the food, wrap presents, sort the cake out, buy last-minute bits and bobs and somewhere amongst all of this we had to fit in going to work.  But whilst I sound like I am moaning, it was definitely all worth it.  We made a weekend of it.

Dinosaur Slide

I mentioned a few weeks ago in an earlier post how much Harry enjoyed it when I took him down by the River Dee.  So for his birthday treat I arranged for us all to go back there and go on a boat trip.  He absolutely loved waving at all the canoeists, ducks, and dog walkers.  He even waved at the tramp we spotted on the embankment.  He isn’t fussy with who he greets!  Although for the next hour or two he thought it was hilarious to shout “Hi Tramp” to everyone he walked past (thanks Big Sis for teaching him that).  After that we went to his favourite park and he treated his dinosaurs – because he goes everywhere with them – to a go on the slide and the swings.  After an action-packed day they all slept soundly on the way home.

That night my husband and I actually found some time for ourselves. We went to a friend’s 40th birthday celebrations.  The tone of the night was set within 30 seconds when I found a shot of sambuca thrust in to my hand.  It was a great night.  However, the small matter of hosting a child’s party the following day did escape my mind……….needless to say I woke up feeling very sorry for myself.

TrampolineEveryone turned up in the afternoon – just when I needed my nap – and H got to run around in the garden with his friends and have a great time.  I only heard the word “mine” once.  I expected a few more and so I am really proud of him for sharing.  My parents bought him a trampoline and ever since we put it up all I now hear is “Mummy come on” whilst being dragged towards it.  Sometimes I don’t even get the chance to dump my bags down.  Ok, I am not exactly being dragged as I love it too.

Liverpool FanMuch to his dad’s disapproval I bought Harry a Liverpool top for his birthday.  I wanted to buy him his first shirt before some joker bought him one from a rival club.  I think he looks pretty pleased with it.

That smile certainly made my week – magical!

Have a good week everyone.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

(PS:  Note to self.  Next year I am not going to go out the night before, but if I do then I shall remain sober!)

2 thoughts on “Magic Moments – 19/07/2015

  1. Happy belated birthday, Harry! I’m so glad he enjoyed his boat trip and he certainly looks happy with his football top. That’s adorable that he took his dinosaurs on the slide too. Have a great week. #myweekataglance



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