Month of 1st’s – July 2015

Time goes by so quickly that I find it useful to jot down all the things that my little cheeky monkey did for the first time during the month.  I call it my Month of 1st’s.  I want this to be something I can look back on to remind myself of major milestones and tender moments.  I also can’t believe how quickly time is passing and how much he is growing up.  Here is what happened for the first time in July.

  1. Finger painting – I am not the arty type, so in a moment of madness I got the paints out and we decided to give it a go.  How did it go?  I got two pictures, a tie dye t-shirt (not in the plan) and some stained glass windows (also not in the plan).
  2. Big boys bed – we might be a bit late to do this but only because your Daddy needed to find the time to do it.  And after seeing how fiddly it was I was left in no doubt as to why he wouldn’t let me have a go.
  3. Associated Wimbledon with grunting and not with playing tennis – Sharapova v Williams.  Need I say anymore?
  4. Got a big boys haircut
  5. Turned 2 (sob – slow down!!)
  6. Started saying Happy Birthday to everyone and then expecting cake – GaGa, Hollie, Mummy and Harry have all had their birthday this month so it must have been very confusing.
  7. Amazed us with saying the names of your Dinosaurs – T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and my favourite one that you say Dictodocuth  (Diplodocus)
  8. Won an award for best boy dancer and surprised and delighted Mummy and Daddy with your disco moves – gandam style!
  9. Went on a boat as a birthday treat and said hello to every dog, canoeist, rower and duck that we went past
  10. Saw a tramp – and courtesy of big sister who taught you the word – you then said it to numerous passers-by that day.
  11. Didn’t eat the sand when we went to the beach – YYYEEAAAHHH!  To understand my joy please feel free to read the horror story of our last beach excursion – Pooping Sandcastles
  12. Had your very first dinner date – Mummy cooked up cod loin wrapped in Italian breadcrumbs on a bed of dauphinoise shaped potatoes covered in bean jus – OK, OK fish fingers, potato waffles and beans.  In my defence I am a working mum and by no means a contestant for Masterchef.

And on the very last day of the month you were able to say the words “Happy Birthday Mummy”.  A truly magical moment and better than any present I could have wished for.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

Mami 2 Five

9 thoughts on “Month of 1st’s – July 2015

  1. That sounds a lot of firsts – and not eating sand sounds like a brilliant one :) #TheList


  2. That’s a lovely post, and so much achieved in one month. If you want to join in, I have a Month of Firsts linky on my blog which this would obviously fit with brilliantly.

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  3. Yay no poopy sandcastles!! Love number 9 so cute. Just a gorgeous post!! Thanks for linking up #mummyandus


  4. I love it. Wish I had done this when my boys were young. It is so lovely that he says happy birthday and then expects cake. The minds of toddlers are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. #mummyandus

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  5. Aw what a great way to remember all the firsts! Hooray for not eating the sand haha! :) #mummyandus

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