Snapshot(s) of the Week – #11

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Gardening with Grandad – Sept 2015

Gardening with Grandad

Gardening with Grandad

Gardening with Grandad


Dear Mr Gatland

Welsh Rugby

Dear Mr Gatland

I am aware that the preparation for the Rugby World Cup hasn’t been going as planned.  The Welsh squad has been plagued by injuries to quite a few key players and it would seem that on a daily basis the numbers are dwindling.  At breakfast my mummy sighs as she reads the back pages, and I overhear her saying things such as “who today”, and “soon there will be no-one left”.  She isn’t smiling as much as she used to.  And so with the clock ticking down to our next match, I thought it was time for me to stake my claim to a place in your starting line-up, and put a smile back on my mummy’s face.  So Mr Gatland, this is what I can bring to the party:

  • Tough – Only last week I accidentally brought my head up and smashed a bone in my mum’s nose.  She was sitting down for quite a while with her head in her hands whereas I was able to immediately carry on playing hide and seek without a care in the world.
  • Physique – I am built for rugby.  My legs are short and stocky and my bum is close to the floor.  I have a very low centre of gravity which we both know is a great advantage in this game as it makes me dfficult to knock over.
  • Speed –  I am always running away from mummy in shops, on beaches and in play barns.  She shouts at me to stop and struggles to keep up because I am so fast and agile, not to mention wriggly.
  • Fierce – Forget the Haka, that is soooooo last year.  I may be small but when I roar there is no greater terrifying sound.  Ask my friends Steggy, Ceratops, T-Wex, and Diclodocuth.  They have talked me all they know.
  • Natural Ability – I have a sweet left-foot.  Now I don’t know enough about rugby to know whether that is an advantage or not, all I can tell you is that I am surprisingly quite accurate with it no matter what I am kicking….a ball, a toy, the cat….
  • No-nonsense – I am a no-frills kind of kid.  Look at the money you will save on kit and catering.  My kit will be 1/10th of the size of everyone elses, and I will play my heart out for just the cost of an ice-lolly.  (By the way, Mr Men are my favourite).
  • Energy – Boundless. They call me “The Whirlwind”.
  • The X-factor – I can distract the opposition with my cuteness.

Welsh Rugby World CupNow then, Mummy has told me that I must be honest about my flaws – apparently everyone has them – just so that you know what you are getting.  I wouldn’t want to cause disharmony in the squad.

  • Pampered – I like bathing alone and I especially need lots of bubbles and toys to play with when I am in there.  My dinosaurs come everywhere with me and have to be carried in my green rucksack – nothing else is good enough.  I must have my own special seat at meal times and when travelling.  Sometimes I demand to be picked up and carried.  I need help going to the toilet.
  • Tantrums – I am getting really good at these.  But let’s face it, I am only 2.
  • Flirting – I do like the ladies, and it would seem they like me.  What can I say – I am a babe magnet.  However I promise you Mr Gatland I won’t let it affect my game.  I take my obligations seriously.

Now I know you are a busy man applying ice packs and drawing on flip charts so I won’t take up any more of your time.  I just want you to consider all of the points I have made above, and for you to know that I am ready for your call.

Pob lwc!


Harry (aged 2) x