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As you grow up you will inevitably wonder who you take after.  So in readiness for this conversation I thought I’d better put pen to paper (ahem) and start jotting down just a few ways you take after us both.  When you are old enough to read this for yourself you can make your own judgement.  So here goes:

5 ways you take after Mummy

  1. My Legs – Your Daddy would actually say you are inflicted with my legs rather than blessed with them.  My legs are short and stocky.  Whilst you will never be a hurdler, your low centre of gravity means you will be very difficult to knock off a ball.  Football, Rugby, Hockey……my son, you already have a natural advantage over others.  On a netball court your Mummy rarely came out second best in a collision.
  2. Sociable – Even at the age of 2 you are aware of how to behave in social situations.  You look for other children – and adults – to interact with.  You draw people to you like a magnet.  Everyone gets a smile and you make friends and admirers quickly and easily.
  3. Loving – Being showered with kisses and cuddles from you is better than winning the lottery.  You are aware of when people are sad and offer comfort.  You are the perfect tonic to a bad day.
  4. Mischievous – That grin of yours will get you out of more trouble than it will get you in.  Trust me.
  5. Inquisitive – You constantly amaze us with what you pick up.  So much so that in the company of others I downplay it.  I don’t want to come across as one of “those” mothers.
Motherly Love

5 ways you take after Daddy

  1. Looks – Fair hair and those gorgeous blue eyes.  How could I not fall in love with you.
  2. Appetite – Branston Pickle, Brown Sauce, Marmite, Coleslaw, Custard… name it you eat it.  You clear your own plate and – when given the opportunity – everyone else’s!
  3. Showman – A born entertainer.  As soon as you are comfortable with your “audience” you love to gain their full attention. When you turn it on they are enraptured with you.
  4. Energy – It’s boundless.  The two of you are like Labrador pups.  I am exhausted watching you.
  5. Sense of humour – You are just so naughty, in a cheeky monkey sense of the word.  When you get that twinkle in your eye we know we are in for lots of laughs.
Father and Son
You are a mixture of the both of us.  That’s what makes you ours.  That’s what makes you perfect.  That’s what makes you unique.
Love you xx

31 Replies to “Best of Both Worlds”

  1. This post is so true. People often expect kids to take after one parent more so, but that is not always the case. I think the being able to clear his plate and everyone elses, is possibly just a boy thing though, as my two are exactly the same. #sharewithme

  2. Sounds like he has a lot going for him! Such a fab post! Thanks for sharing with #mummyandus PS: love the photos

    1. Ah that’s lovely. Hope mine stays the same – although the last week the challenging two’s have really kicked in. At least I hope that is all it is. I don’t think I would cope if he stays this way until he is 8! haha 🙂

  3. This is an utterly gorgeous post. I am certain that one day Harry will grow up, read this and be really pleased that you documented the things that make him, him. Thank you so much for linking to #PoCoLo x

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