Fun at Foel Farm

Fun at Foel Farm

H loves animals.  Our house is littered with plastic cows, sheep and pigs.  We thought it would be great for him to get up close and personal with a few of them, and so during our summer holiday this year we planned a visit to Foel Farm in Anglesey.  It is located in a picturesque spot on the banks of the Menai overlooking Caernarvon and the Snowdonia Mountain Ranges.  It cost £14 entrance for 2 adults (H was free because he is only 2), which seemed great value for money because all the rides and other entertainment  are included in that price.

We bought two small bags of food so that we could feed the animals as we went around.  It only cost £1 for two bags and gave us more than enough to feed all the animals we wanted to.  Word of warning – keep the bags well and truly out of the way of the goats.  I was showing H how to feed one of them when another sneakily nipped in and practically took the bag out of my hand!

At reception we were advised of when the feeding times were and should you forget then there are plenty of signs up as a reminder.  We planned our day so that we could fit in feeding both the lambs and the calves.  The children all sat on hay bales as the staff supervised the feeding session.  H had ample time to take in the experience and we had more than enough time to take photos.  Every child got a chance to take part.  Even I got a chance to feed the calves – boy are they strong.  They took the bottle right out of my hands!  Feeding time was most definitely the highlight of the day for all of us and well worth the entrance fee alone.

Foel Farm

We also managed to fit in a tractor ride – they take place every 20 minutes – that took us up to the top fields where we could take in the beautiful scenery whilst mingling with the cows and the shire horse.  Luckily for us the shire horse was feeling sociable that day and came over to the trailer for a nosey, and a nibble on some food.

When we got back to the farm we headed off to pet the rabbits and guinea pigs.  And it was here that H fell in love with one and refused to hand it back.  A guinea pig is definitely on next years birthday present list.

And still there was more to enjoy.  Quad bike rides, pony rides, a bouncy cushion (trampoline), the play park (including mini-tractors), and a chocolate factory.  When exhaustion hit in we all trotted off to the café to enjoy the most delicious homemade cakes.

All the staff were friendly, informative, and happy to strike up a conversation.  Nothing was too much trouble for them.  There were plenty of places to wash your hands after petting the animals, and the facilities were spotless.  All in all we had a fantastic day at Foel Farm and walked away with some amazing memories.  A few weeks on from our visit and H is still talking about it.  We all can’t wait to go back next year.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x


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