Magic Moments 31/10/15

Three things happened this week that signified that summer has come to an end.  Firstly, our caravan came home.  I love our zaziban (H’s pronounces it this way), but I love it even more when it is pitched down the coast.  On our drive it just looks a little awkward and lost.  I am already counting down the time until March when we can site it again and enjoy our escapes away to the sea.  To cheer myself up I got my favourite photo from this summer made in to a canvas, and it now has pride of place in our hall.

Rhosneigr Anglesey

Another reminder that summer is over is the annual flu vaccination appointment.  We arrived at the “drop in clinic” only to find out it was for a certain doctor’s practice that day, and typically it wasn’t ours.  Never mind, we ended up stopping for a while because most of the children that go to H’s childminder were there.  They all ran around and the place resembled a play barn more than a waiting area.  I got to meet some of the Mum’s for the first time too.  Very odd situation when your two year olds know someone and you don’t!

Cheesy Grin

  • H met a set of his cousins for the first time.  They came up (from down South) to visit the grandparents, so they drove over to us and we all went out for lunch.  Afterwards we came back to our house for a cuppa and a piece of cake.  H loves cake and – apart from a few crumbs left around his lips – he inhaled his!

And to hammer home that summer was well and truly over, the clocks went back.  But would you believe it, Harry gave us an extra 2 hours in bed!!  I can only assume he was exhausted from all the running about at the clinic the day before.  Daddy and I decided that after that much sleep he needed some fresh air, so we took him to the park.  H decided to show us both his new roaring skills.  Judge for yourself whether you think he is any good!

Just the tonic to cheer me up.

Have a good week.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

Snapshot of the Week – #14

Rock Star
Rock Star