Month of Firsts – Sept 2015

I started this series of posts a few months ago because I was struggling to remember all the things my little man had done.  He is growing up so fast and learning new things at an alarming speed that it is hard to keep up with all the changes.  Despite re-assuring myself I wouldn’t forget the small things, I have to concede that it is far easier said than done.  I have therefore decided to keep a list of all his “1st’s”.  It seems like only 2 seconds ago that I wrote about August and yet Harry, here is what you did for the first time in September:

  1. Got stung by a wasp – we were at the ice cream farm and you didn’t even have an ice cream in your hand.  How unlucky was that!  Understandably you were beside yourself.  You need to know that Mummy would have taken 100 stings if it saved you from having any at all.
  2. Mastered how to climb a cargo net – a few weeks ago you struggled to climb up more than one rung, and yet this month you were scaling up them like a Royal Marine on Manoeuvres.
  3. Gardening – Grandad loves his garden and so for you to want to “help” him was a very special moment.  I am sure he has been waiting for that moment since the day you were born.
  4. Got your first Welsh rugby top.
  5. Said “Oh My God” – at which point Mummy and Daddy shot an accusing look at each other.
  6. Ate garlic bread.
  7. After all these months we have found a foodstuff you dislike!  Salad Cream.  I didn’t want to give it to you but you insisted on playing with the sachet when we were out for lunch.  You wouldn’t let me take it off you without having a melt-down.  I said you wouldn’t like it, you have to learn that Mummy is always right.Month of 1sts
  8. Finally plucked up the courage to go down a helter-skelter slide.
  9. Saw a baby elephant.
  10. Took part in your first Appeal.
  11. Swung in a hammock.
  12. Broke a bone in Mummy’s nose.
  13. Sat on the toilet….it was brief, and half of it was on the floor, but you finished it off in the toilet, adding the words “push my (w)idgy down”.  Obviously Daddy has given you some tips.
  14. Swam – It was magic (well it wasn’t actually magic but you know what I mean).   The moment was even sweeter because Mummy and Daddy were both there to see it. You were putting in that much effort that even your eyebrows were moving.  You now just have to learn to do it with your mouth closed so that you don’t drink half the pool!

But despite my best efforts this summer you still haven’t managed to master the balance bike.  I have spent hours running up and down the campsite field with you on it.  So that’s definitely now a Daddy job to see if he has any more success.  I can’t wait to see what you get up to in October.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

11 thoughts on “Month of Firsts – Sept 2015

  1. Love your photos!! The picture in the middle is so cute!! This is a great list and a great idea to make a note of all his firsts for the month! I’m so sorry about the wasp sting and broken bone, definitely not so nice but apart from that, what a fantastic month full of firsts!! Thanks so much for joining me at #KCACOLS!! I hope you can join me again on Sunday!!🙂 xxx

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  2. Aww this is such a lovely idea for a post and Harry has done so much this month! A lovely list of firsts. He broked your nose though? Ouch!! hope you are ok xx #KCACOLS

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  3. Lovely list. Poor little thing with the wasp sting! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx


  4. Lovely post! Not so great about the sting and the broken nose but on the whole September sounds like it’s been a brilliant month! I especially approve of the Welsh rugby top – definitely the right team!

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  5. Oh bless him. How is your nose and how is Harry’s wasp sting? I love the picture of Harry in his Welsh rugby shirt. Cute! And he got to see a baby elephant. I know one little girl who would be very jealous. I can’t wait to hear about next month’s milestones. But Harry, no more breaking mummy’s bones. OK? Thanks for linking to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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  6. A wasp sting and broke a bone in mummy nose all in a month ouch to both! Some lovely things happened though thank goodness! Thanks for sharing #mummyandus

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  7. What a lovely post. So much to remember and a great way of doing it. Hope Harry’s better now #mummy&us

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  8. What a lovely post, a great way to remember everything. I agree time does go so so fast #sundaystars

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  9. Aww what a lovely list and wow, Harry has been very busy this month! Jealous that you saw a baby elephant and yes, when will our kids learn we are always right?haha.xx p.s what happened to your nose?!hope you’re ok 😊 #SundayStars

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