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I find that being back in work the only really opportunity to get out and do anything with my little man is at the weekends, therefore we do try to cram as much in as possible.  And when the weather is good that means filling our lungs with fresh air.  This weekend he and I stayed close to home and took in some free opportunities to get up close with the local wildlife.  Armed with a few slices of bread, he and I set off to the pond to feed the ducks.

Magic Moments Feeding The Ducks

When we arrived they came out of everywhere to greet us, and I mean everywhere.  In among them all was a sole goose.  I don’t like geese as I was chased, spat and pecked at by them as a teenager, but I make an exception for this one.   This particular goose has something called Angel Wing, which means he can’t fly.  You can see from my photo that his wing tips look like sticks and “branch” off in different directions.  Every year the other geese migrate and when they come back they exclude him.  All the ducks – and the goose – are completely fearless and a bit cheeky.  They were coming right up to us to take the bread out of our hands and search around the pram for whatever else they might find.  Harry loved it and was really disappointed when we ran out.


From there we set off for the swings.  I took a few snaps of him – like I do most times we go to the swings – but one of them completely stood out.  He looked so tall and grown up in it.  It was like looking in to the future and seeing my school age son.  Whilst it was a bit sad – as it is another reminder that time is flying by – I admit that I was smiling like a Cheshire cat because he looked so handsome in it.  But I guess all mum’s think that of their boys.


Have a good week


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

7 Replies to “Magic Moments 11/10/15”

  1. Aww what a lovely way to spend the afternoon. I know what you mean about trying to cram everything into the weekend, it’s the same for me now and especially now it gets dark so early, and it’s going to be like that for a while, it’s the weekend or nothing. Yours looks wonderful!

  2. Ah Harry is so cute, I have 2 boys and boys are adorable aren’t they? It lovely to just get out and get fresh air especially in the winter when you arrive home when its almost dark x

  3. Aw look at those happy swing photos. Just gorgeous and such happy smiles. And we love feeding the ducks too! xx

  4. Oh that poor goose! I’ve never seen anything like it!! I’d want to take him home with me. Thanks for sharing in #happydayslinky

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