Magic Moments 25/10/15

Well who would have thought that a few hour after taking those lovely smiling photos shown on last weeks post, that my little man would come down with a high temperature, a cough and a runny nose.  His cheeks were also bright red and he was complaining of sore teeth.  On last weeks photos his cheeks were starting to go red but I put it down to the fresh air.  One of the good things about him being a little older is that he can tell me what hurts.  The bad thing is that by telling me expects me to make it better.  The look of disappointment when all I give him is Calpol just breaks my heart.

Play Doh

His cough got progressively worse so there was no leaving the house for the first part of the week, and very little sleep for anyone in the household.  To cheer him up – and kill some time – Mummy let him have an early xmas present and so we made lots of mess with play-doh, under the supervision of Homer our cat.

Party Animal

But there were still some little magic moments.  Towards the end of the week his childminder popped in with all the other children as they had been missing him.  He instantly perked up and it was lovely seeing him interact with them all.  Albeit roaring at everyone because – obviously – he is a dinosaur.  He was back on form come Friday, so after being cooped up all week we took him to a play barn.  It just so happened that where there was a party taking place – H loves a party.  The little monkey wriggled out of my arms and snuck in to the room and sat down with them all to play pass the parcel.  And, he won!  The shame!  Luckily there were enough treats to go around.

And would you believe it he also saw a spaceman.  Or at least he thinks he did.  One of the staff was going home on her scooter and had put her helmet on before leaving the building.  As she was saying goodbye a little voice piped up “Careful going home in your rocket”, we all feel about laughing.  Just adorable.

The absolute highlight of my week though was Saturday night.  He was having a late night – by our standards – and it just so happened that Mummy was watching Strictly.  I absolutely love it and it appears that my boy also quite likes it. Check him out busting some shapes on his Strictly debut.  It proves that you are never too young to start appreciating lycra, sequins and fake tan!

All in all a great way to finish the week.

Have a good week.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

Mami 2 Five

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