Magic Moments – 7/11/15

At this time of year you are never sure how many opportunities you are going to get to go outside and not come back frozen and looking like a drowned rat, so last weekend’s mild weather was a real surprise. Not ones to miss a chance to be outside, we threw our coats on, packed up the buggy and set off for an adventure. “We are going on a bear hunt….”  Well, at least that was how we sold it to H.  Our adventures always revolve around where we can stop for a brew, so we pretty much knew where we were heading and there certainly wouldn’t be any bears!

Thankfully we live within walking distance of an absolute gem of a place.  All under one roof you have a well stocked deli counter, a butcher, fresh veg, a shop and of course a café.

Autumn, Hawarden Farm Shop, Toddler, OutdoorsWhen we arrived we said hello to the amimals (Peppa, George, and Mummy Pig), and headed to the fort so H could run off some steam.  H is a typical little boy. Covered in bruises from throwing himself to the ground (why do boys do this??), gets dirty in the blink of an eye, and doesn’t see the danger in anything. Within two minutes of getting there he had underestimated the depth of a puddle, tripped and ended up covered in mud. By luck –  rather than good planning – I had a spare pair of jeans to change him in to.

Hawarden Farm Shop

Hawarden Farm Shop, Hot Chocolate, Autumn

We headed inside for a hot drink and H got to try his very first hot chocolate. Needless to say that it was a winner. After devouring a couple of bacon butties we headed back outside for a few more games of hide and seek in the fort.

Hawarden Farm Shop

H hasn’t quite grasped the concept of hide and seek. He cheats when he covers his eyes, his counting is a bit random (he is only 2), and jumps out with a big smile shouting “here I am”, when it is his turn to hide. He loves it and it’s an absolute delight playing it with him.

Hawarden Farm Shop

Hawarden Farm Shop

A few games later, and after saying our goodbyes to the farm yard animals, we headed off for home. Hubby and I smiling at each other saying how lucky we were, and one of us fast asleep in the buggy.

For me this is what life is about.

Have a good week.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

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