Letterbox Cake from BakerDays.com

When I was asked to review a cake delivery service I didn’t have to think twice.  I mean

  1. I love cake
  2. It gets delivered

What isn’t to like?

The letterbox cake produced by BakerDays.com is designed to fit through the letterbox (just as it says), which means that the lucky recipient does not have to be in to sign for it/go and collect it from somewhere.  So it really does add to the surprise as there is no indication of what is inside when you arrive home to find the package on your doormat.  And, who would expect a cake through their door?

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake

When you open the box there is a lovely gift card included, as well as some balloons and a candle.  A nice touch that I wasn’t expecting.  The cake comes in a really pretty tin that can easily be re-used.

There are a large selection of designs to choose from and then once you have picked what you want, you can personalise the message on it.  As we are in December I decided to go with a Xmas theme.  The cake isn’t massive – pardon the pun but it does what it says on the tin – it is a letterbox cake, so it has to be of the right size to fit through one.  You can get about 3-4 decent size portions out of it.


I am not a great lover of receiving flowers.  I find it too much bother to unwrap them, clear all the leaves off the bottom, cut them, and then arrange them.  And then because I am in work I don’t really get the full benefit of them.  If like me you are the same then this is a great alternative.  At only £15 it also cheaper than sending flowers through the post.

Bakerdays LetterBox Cake

And what did it taste like?  Well, it is a tough job but someone had to do it.  There are 6 variations to choose from – Vanilla, Chocolate, Fruit, Half and Half, Gluten Free, and Dairy Free.  I chose Vanilla.  It was very light with just the right amount of icing – I hate it when there is more icing than actual cake.  Kicked back on the sofa with a cup of tea to wash it down with, it was perfect.  Definitely a service and a product that I will consider using in the future (and hopefully be a recipient of should my friends be reading!)

Thank you BakerDays.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

BakerDays produce a whole range of sizes of cake.  If you want more information then you can find them on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.  You can also go direct to their site.

2 thoughts on “Letterbox Cake from BakerDays.com

  1. I like your review style, Harry’s Mom. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.



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