Magic Moments #1

It is my first post of the New Year, and fittingly it is also my first weekly magic moments round-up.  The weather has been awful over the xmas holidays, so where we have had any sniff of a dry spell we have ventured outside to make the most of it.  I am sure that H was suffering with cabin fever because the adults in our household most definitely were.  Here is what we got up to:

  • A pretend Gruffalo hunt

The clouds cleared and so we popped our coats and wellies on and set off for a walk in the woods.  But today we renamed them The Deep Dark Wood.  And we were going to The Deep Dark Wood to find the Gruffalo, Snake, Owl, Fox, and the Mouse.  His face was magical as we ventured deeper in to the woods to find all of their homes.  Searching for them was just what we needed to blow off the cobwebs.  And, because we were so successful at finding them all we rewarded ourselves with some toast and hot chocolate.

Gruffalo Trail

  • Feeding the squirrels (including a lot of chasing the squirrels)

On New Years Day we went out with Taid Bobby to feed the squirrels in the park.  They are so used to being around people that they brazenly come up and take the food right our of your hand.  Taid Bobby had saved up his posh pumpkin and sunflower seed bread but the squirrels didn’t take to it – can’t say I blame them.  That didn’t stop H chasing after them like a madman, launching rock size chunks at them and trying to throw it up the trees as they scattered to have a rest.

Squirrels; Chester Park

Grosvenor Park Chester

  • First driving lesson

One of H’s friends had got a battery operated sit-in car for Xmas so we popped over to see him.  This was a first for Harry and to be honest he needs a bit more practice behind the wheel.  He could either steer or put the pedal down.  Doing both at the same time proved too much for his brain to cope with (fast forward 15 years and I hope he is a lot better).  I was kept on my toes chasing after him to steer him away from the cars parked on the drive.  My first post-xmas work-out!  The only downside to this visit was the massive tantrum he pulled when it was time to leave.  He cried so much that he made himself sick – another “first”.  I left my friend wiping it up of the floor as we made our excuses and drove off.  Now that is friendship for you.

Have a good week everyone.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

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6 thoughts on “Magic Moments #1

  1. Lovely post and I can echo the cabin fever, we managed to get out for a nice walk today and it does wonders for the energy levels! Thanks for linking up and happy new year! #bestandworst


  2. That squirrel picture is adorable! All the best for 2016


  3. The gruffalo hunt sounds great. What a lovely idea to capture moments #mg xx


  4. This sounds like a great week, a Gruffalo hunt and squirrel feeding? Amazing! Aww poor harry making himself sick, sometimes I wander if Leo might do this when he has one of his almighty tantrums. You have a very good friend cleaning it up for you though. The car sounds pretty cool so I don’t blame him not wanting to go :) x #anythinggoes


  5. Ah, yes. The leaving time tantrum. I’ve had to weather many of these and they’re not pleasant so you have my sympathy! Glad he had fun, though.



  6. Oh no he must have loved driving! How cute is he with the squirrels!!

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