Month of Firsts – December 2015

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Back in mid-2015 I started a series of posts to document all the small “firsts” that my little man had completed during the month.  They didn’t have to be earth shattering, just fun things that I could look back on and that would make me smile on a grey day.  These would capture the good, the bad and the ugly moments. So far the ones that I have written have certainly ticked that box.  So, Harry, what have you been up to in December?

  • Went on your first train ride, and it just happened to be a steam train, and it was the Santa Express.  Three firsts all at the same time!  Were you excited?  Well, not as much as Mummy.  After the wide eyed reaction as the train pulled away from the station you didn’t really pay much more attention.  Even when we got to the destination to meet Santa you weren’t really bothered.
  • Cried until you were sick – a full on temper tantrum.  And what was it over?  A bl**dy triceratops plastic figure!!!!!  Your obsession with dinosaurs is getting a little out of control.  I have a complete love hate relationship with your plastic dinosaurs.  Mostly they entertain you for hours, but wo betide me if we leave them anywhere or – as was the case this time – we even suggest that you share them.  Thank you my fellow mummy friend for wiping up his sick.  I owe you one (kiss).
  • Wore underpants (and then poo’d in said underpants). Things had been going pretty well in the potty training department so I bought you some dinosaur print underpants and decided to go for it over xmas.  After a few successful attempts I popped you in your big-boy pants and then sent a rather smug text to Daddy.  No sooner had I pressed send than I heard the words “Mummy, I’ve poo’d”.  Yuck, cloth….a whole new world of pain! Parenting dilemma….bin or wash???
  • Made friends with a turkey (although you thought it was a chicken) at the Chester Zoo Lantern Walk.  Of all the illuminations and attractions there, I thought you would be terrified by it. Instead we couldn’t get you away from it.
  • Watched a DVD in the car – As a friend quite rightly pointed out, I have moved in to that phase when I will know all the words to the DVD’s having never watched them.

December Toddler Days Out

  • Mistook a British bull-dog for a pig – easy mistake to make.
  • Experienced 3D.
  • Introduced you to the movie classics – Madagascar, Toy Story, Up
  • Ate your first full on xmas dinner – and all the pigs in blankets – whether they were on your plate or not!
  • Drove a battery operated ride-in car.  You have 15 years to improve, and based on that first showing you will need every single day of those 15 years.
  • Volunteered to go on the naughty step.  After a particularly challenging encounter you decided that you had wound me up enough to warrant going on the naughty step.  I think we may have to rethink our approach to discipline.
  • Went on a Gruffalo Hunt.  We “found” all of their homes, but unfortunately we didn’t see the Gruffalo that day.  I sold you the line that he had gone for tea at grandma and grandad’s, and you bought it.  When will I stop telling so many white lies?  Worryingly, they come so easily!

And that is it.  The end of another month, the end of 2015.  So much done and yet still so much to do.  Looking forward to every bit of it in 2016 and beyond.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

11 Replies to “Month of Firsts – December 2015”

  1. dearmummyblog

    What a great month of firsts! Loved that you experienced 3D for the first time! Hope you enjoyed the Santa Express! #TheList xx

  2. Clare

    Ahhh bless him. A great month of firsts! I would mistake a bulldog for a pig too I’m sure! His expressions are so cute! Loving the photo’s! xx

  3. Clare

    (#KCACOLS by the way…I am so bad at remembering to write that bit!) xx

  4. Sassy

    I have just come across your blog with #AnythingGoes and I really love that you document monthly on the new experiences and adventures Harry has been on 🙂 lovely read 🙂 xxx

    1. Thank you, really appreciate your kind comment.

  5. nipperandtyke

    Lovely post. Most of these firsts sound pretty cool, although I’m sure you’ll be hoping for fewer close encounters of the brown kind next month…
    x Alice

  6. yrqepm

    It sounds like a very busy but great month. I remember my youngest throwing a full on tantrum in Next over a handbag, she was 2. The same daughter also put herself on the time out step too. If it’s any consolation, she is the one I write about today and she has turned out ok ha! Good luck with the potty training xx #mg

    1. Lisa@intotheglade

      I’m sorry about my last comment not having me on it, I have recently gone self hosted and I’m having a few issues – even more than normal ha! X

      1. Good luck with that. You will have to tell me what to do and what to avoid as I am thinking of doing the same soon 🙂

  7. A Moment with Franca

    Oh wow he was very busy doing too many firsts!! What a month!! I read your post about the Gruffalo hunt. I love 3D movies. Around Xmas we went to Thomas Land and they had a 3D movie. My girls loved it!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS, 🙂 x

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