Magic Moments // Peppa Pig Live

Magic Moments // Peppa Pig Live

I stupidly made the mistake of telling H we were off to see Peppa Pig the moment we woke up.  For 2 hours, at approx 5 minutes intervals, all I heard was “go see Peppa Pig now”.  The first few times it was endearing and then it just became irritating.  We picked up his friend (and her Mummy) and set off on our hour long car journey, both children very excited about meeting Peppa.  We arrived, parked up, and headed in doors.  Quickly – but not quickly enough to be fleeced for purchase a programme (£5) and a cuddly dinosaur (£10) – we took our seats.  Having previously watched In The Night Garden Live, I kind of knew what to expect and this didn’t let me down.

Venue Cymru Peppa Pig

At the interval I had to pop to the toilet and H broke his heart because he thought we were leaving.  As they have an inability to whisper, I could hear all the other children asking their parents “Why is that little boy crying”.  I felt awful as I stood there in the Ladies trying to comfort him and calm him down.  Back inside the auditorium he soon got over his meltdown and was off and about running up and down the seating aisles.  For most of the second half he stood on the stairs beside me and danced his little legs off whilst roaring like a dinosaur.  Always a good sign that he is enjoying himself.

Venue Cymru Peppa Pig Live

As we left we got collared for a balloon (£6), and seconds after taking this photo the balloon managed to come free from his wrist in the high winds.  Luckily I have lightening quick reactions because I would have sobbed if that had floated off to outer space within 5 minutes of buying it.  As it was the dinosaur only remained in tact for less than 24 hours.  I had to make a repair job on one of his legs albeit badly.  He will forever walk with a limp!

George Pig Dinosaur

A lovely day out and yet more magical moments, made even more special because they were shared with friends.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x




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