Snapshot of the Week // Mummy’s Super Hero

superhero spiderman

 I went out shopping for myself and came back with a Spider Man outfit for H instead. 
Never has £13.50 been so well spent.
You Baby Me Mummy

Magic Moments // A Winter Walk


Last weekend we went for a walk with Taid Bobby to a nature trail not far from where we live.  The rain had stopped, the sun had come out, but the wind was still a little on the sharp side so we made sure we were all dressed up nice and warm.  With the amount of rain we have had it was also essential to don the wellies.

Harry loves being out and about in the fresh air.  He likes running around (which inevitably means roaring at the top of his voice) and where there is mud you usually find him in the midst of it.


I had warned Taid that his idea of a walk, and Harry’s idea of a walk, probably did not match up, however even I was surprised at how little progress we made.  We hadn’t gone far when he found his first muddy puddle.  Cue lots of jumping, splashing and stomping.


After boring himself with that puddle we moved on in search of the next one.  One with far greater dirt potential.  The weather had been so bad that it didn’t take us long to find it.  On the puddle scale of dirtiness this one was probably rated as a five.

DSC_0196 (4)

By this point the back of his jeans were soaked and his coat was covered in mud splashes.  I was thankful for the spare pair of jeans that I had packed in to his dinosaur rucksack and praying that the bag was watertight.


I honestly think that Harry should road test wellies for manufacturers.  I could devise a scoring system based on how easy they are to get on and off, how far they come up the legs (got to be low enough to be able to bend your knees for walking yet high enough to provide maximum clothes coverage), durability, and thickness of tread (to prevent slipping over).  Thankfully his George Pig ones pass the test with flying colours.

Muddy Puddles

We didn’t meet many other children, but of the ones we did pass mine was by far the dirtiest. In fact, even compared to the dogs we came across Harry was by far the dirtiest.  I received lots of passing comments from the adults laughing at how much fun he was having, and remarking on how much cleaning up I would have to do later.


But I don’t mind about things like that.  Dirt is part and parcel of being a little boy – well it is for this little boy.  And that is what childhood is all about isn’t it?  Enjoying the simple things like jumping in muddy puddles and getting filthy.  Judging by the look on his face I would say that he agrees with me.  And the best bit about going for a walk in the cold?  The nice big mug of frothy hot chocolate waiting for you at the end of it – even better when someone else is paying.  Thanks Taid Bobby.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

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