Magic Moments // Oops a Daisy

Harry just can’t seem to keep himself out of the wars.  He has been constantly falling over his own feet.  I thought it was because his new trainers were too big but a friend told me it could just be that he is growing and losing his balance as everything recalculates.  It is an interesting theory but I haven’t verified it with Dr Google yet to know it to be true.  Two particular events last weekend just typify what is going on.

We woke up early on Saturday and the sun was shining.  After breakfast we ventured out in to the back garden for the first time in months.  As I was retrieving the trampoline from the bushes between us and next door, Harry stumbled upon (literally) Spinosaurus who had spent the whole of Winter living in the chiminea.  He was thrilled to be reunited with him and spent a good ten minutes updating him – via roaring – on everything that had been going on in his absence.

Dinosaurs Spinosaurus

Harry would not let Spinosaurus out of his grasp.  After I had righted the trampoline, H and his “friend” spent some time in there getting reacquainted.  He brought Spinosaurus in for a cup of hot chocolate and once they were both warmed up he gathered up the rest of the dinosaur troop and headed back outside……not paying any attention to the step down to the garden from the patio door………….cue the first accident.  By 9am the whole street knew that Harry had fallen over and hurt his elbow!  I was relieved when all it needed was a Peppa Pig plaster to recover the situation and make things better.


The following day we ventured out further afield to a park near where Auntie Sally lives.  Harry sometimes comes to this park with his childminder so he is far more familiar with it than I am.  There were lots of bigger boys running about so I kept him away from them to prevent any further injuries.  He was doing pretty well by himself at picking up bruises and scrapes.  He was in good form so I had the camera out snapping away at him doing his best Spider Man impression in the climbing web and catching his expressions as he slid down the slide.

Climbing frame on the Common

The next time he went up I stayed at the bottom for him to come down.  The next bit happened in slow motion.  As he reached the top he got his feet tied in knots and stumbled backwards.  The thud as he hit every step on the way down made me feel sick!  He really hit the floor quite hard with his face.  Thankfully it is cushioned but that didn’t stop the bruising and swelling that was already showing on his cheek.   He was beside himself and was screaming for us to leave.  I felt so guilty for not being in the right place to prevent it.

Auntie Sally is a nurse so we headed off to there and I had her checking him out for a temperature, concussion, fractures, wobbly teeth and anything else that I could think of.  I soon calmed down when I saw him stuffing his face with a piece of pizza that his cousins were eating.  Despite the egg size swelling on his cheek nothing was going to stop him from enjoying some as well.

Slide Time

So what’s your theory – Genetics (it’s what little boys do)? Is it just part and parcel of being a toddler?  Or do you buy in to the growing theory my friend shared? All I know for sure is that within the Harry’s Honest Mummy Survival Handbook, under the chapter “Health and Safety” will be a scribbled line that says “always keep a stash of Peppa Pig plasters close by at all times and when all else fails then greasy food is the answer”.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x


10 thoughts on “Magic Moments // Oops a Daisy

  1. I remember Noah used to be really clumsy but he grew out of it. Jude is now going through a clumsy phase so I think it’s just a toddler thing! Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

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  2. Oh bless him. My nearly 3 year old is so clumsy and keeps falling over so maybe that’s why with him growing. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

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  3. Oh bless him, seeing your child have an accident and not being able to prevent it is the worst feeling ever isn’t it? I love the pictures though, he looks like a lot of fun!

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  4. I’d say it is just life with boys, I have 5 and have one with an egg on his forehead right now after a play fight with his brother and they are both age 11! You can’t always be there to shield them and in a way it is how they learn the barriers to what they can do, keep the plasters with you and let them play. He looks like he has been having a wonderful time and finding his dinosaur and playing in the park are what he will remember in time not the falling over. thank you for sharing with me over on #CountryKids

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    1. Good advice. Happy to take any from a fellow Mummy with boys. My husband has a 21 year old girl (woman as she is now) and he says that H and her (at the same age) are totally different. H is far more, well, boisterous!


  5. Awww… I just love his smile. It is so contagious! My boy is crazy about dinosaur too. He is a very hyperactive boy too. I don’t know about the genes but for some reasons he has got Evelyn liking dinosaurs too. We you can imagine – all roaring in the house – all – the – time! lol! I think the will get along like two old buddies. lol! #CountryKids

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  6. Aww he’s been in the wars. BattleKid is the same. He recently gave himself a lovely carpet burn on his nose only to graze the tip of it last week by falling over his own feet while pushing a big toy car about, in nursery again. Boys will be boys hey!

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