Month of Firsts – February 2016

It’s that time of the month again when I round-up all the firsts that we have achieved in the month – warts and all.  I can’t believe that another month has passed.  Time is flying by.  Month of Firsts is a series of posts I started because I was struggling to keep track of what you did and when you did it.  Some of the things make me laugh, some frustrate me and others are just magical.  All moments worth sharing and keeping for future reading.  So, Harry this is what you got up to in February:

  • Didn’t want to take your dinosaurs out with us anymore – This is a massive step forward and one that I am rejoicing at.  I hate those god awful plastic spikey things.
  • Did the childminders hoovering – I picked you up and you asked whether I had been to “stinky work”, and as usual I asked what you had been up to.  You replied “I done Judy’s hoovering”.  I laughed and text her later to let her know what you said.  She confessed that you had indeed had a go at her hoovering after you dropped some crisps on the floor.  Rumbled!
  • Went to a waterpark and flew down a water chute on a rubber ring – You didn’t fancy going on it a second time.  Once was enough.
  • Went through the rapids on Mummy’s knee – capsizing us as you clambered out because we got stuck under the waterfall.
  • Stayed in a hotel.
  • Slept in the same room as your big sister and Mummy and Daddy (see above).
  • Had your first Valentines Day date.
  • Became a superhero.
  • Went for a very civilised afternoon tea in a nice hotel to celebrate your big sister’s 21st birthday – I arrived after work and you were all already there.  You saw me coming in and rushed to meet me in the packed foyer.  Greeting me with the words “Mummy I need a poo”.  Charming.
  • Started pulling the covers over your head to go to sleep at night and all because you like making dens – we go in about 10 minutes later to uncover you as even by then you are a sweaty little monster.
  • Called me Melly not Mummy (I confess that my name is Melanie).  Or did I mishear and it was Smelly?
  • Dressed up and announced yourself as Captain Stinker – How many times did we hear “walk the plank”??  Way too many for my liking.
  • Went on a hike with Taid Bobby.
  • Used an inhaler.
  • Walked over to sit on the potty of your own accord to have a wee (yyyyyeeeaaaahhh), but forgot to take your underpants down (nnnnoooooooo).
It was all good in the end though because within a few days of this incident you finally mastered potty training (read about it here), and proudly announced that you were “a big boy now”.  And with that a little piece of my heart broke away, as my baby boy really is growing up fast.  Too fast.
Love you x

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4 thoughts on “Month of Firsts – February 2016

  1. This is such a nice way of capturing the “firsts” moments with your child, I really like it. It sounds like you had a busy month, and so happy that you’ve mastered potty training. Looking forward to reading your month of firsts for March. Claire x #KCACOLS


  2. This is such a lovely idea! It’s so hard to keep up with everything isn’t it? Do you note things down as you go along the month or so it at the end? Since having my son my memory is shocking so I have to make notes if I want to post like this! #KCACOLS


    1. I absolutely have to write it down as it happens – well, put it on a memo on my phone which I know makes me sound all tech savvy but it is honestly just because I never have a pen handy! :-) Thanks for your kind comment.

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