Month of Firsts – May 2016

Another month over and it is time to review the good, the bad and the downright ugly from May.  You have certainly sent me to opposite ends of the emotional spectrum this month.  I guess it is just a consequence of you developing so quickly and being more aware of what is going on around you and how you can influence it.  And the flip side of that is how frustrated you get when you have no influence.  All are moments worth sharing and keeping for future reading.  So, Harry this is what you got up to in May:

  • Drew all over Mummy’s Laura Ashley rug in the front room with crayon – yes I repeat that – Laura bloody Ashley rug.  I was advised not to buy an expensive rug, especially one so light in colour and yet I went ahead anyway.  I am not sure whether you maliciously drew over it BUT you had been frustrated that I was on the phone in the other room ignoring you.  Thank goodness for Google, a steam iron and a little bit of patience.
  • Went to a polling station.  The moment passed you by completely as you preferred sliding up and down the polished floors.
  • Saw the Red Arrows – 3 times!!!  We are lucky enough to live near a base that they use when they perform fly-bys Up North.  I scooped you up and raced in to the garden to get a good view.  As I jumped up and down like a little kid you broke your heart.  It turned out the reason for your upset was because you thought they were going to land in our garden and take us away on our holiday.  I wish.  Like any good parent I came up with a lie and told you that only the King and Queen are allowed to go on holiday in them.  That seemed to do the trick.
  • Made a candle.  Next time I need to think this through.  Hot wax + manic toddler = stressed out parent.
  • Got your first Wales football kit.  Cymru am byth.
  • Came face to face with dinosaurs at the World Museum in Liverpool and amused us all by trying to find Andy’s (from CBeebies Dinosaur Adventures) clock.  It’s just a shame you drop the “l” in clock. Running around shouting  “Mummy where is Andy’s cock” guaranteed a lot of head turning and sniggers.
  • Walked part way up the largest hill in the Clwydian Range to lay flowers for your Uncle Alun.  It was a year to the date of his death and the occasion was marked by family and friends gathering at one of his favourite places.  Uncle Alun is much missed and always in our thoughts.
  • Made a model out of sand – a dinosaur of course.  You probably ate more of the coloured sand than you put in the model but thankfully there were no side effects.
  • Got accepted in to pre-school.  I am in denial that you are THAT old already.
  • Called me a doofus – and in context as well!  I was talking to myself saying “this (car) has the turning circle of a tank”, when a voice popped up from the back “it’s a car, you doofus”.  I couldn’t stop laughing, and I think some of that was due to relief that Mummy and Daddy made a very conscious decision to tone down the language the day you were born.
  • Ran around the camping field in just a pair of wellies.  It was a very hot day and I can only guess that in your mind the George Pig wellies restored a little decorum.  When you get older and embark on camping trips, especially during your “festival phase”, I will revel in showing the photos to your friends.

After all, I have to get my own back for you drawing on my rug.

Love you x

Month of 1sts


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