Month of Firsts – September 2016

Another month and another instalment of Month of Firsts. The series of posts I started so that I could keep track of what you did and when you did it.  I am late with posting September’s update, but I doubt I will ever forget this month, as this one has been pretty significant.  So, Harry this is what happened in September:

  • Started school – Let’s start with the main one shall we.  School. A milestone that seemed ages away and yet here we are already.  You only do mornings, but that doesn’t matter, you are still in school.  Dressed in uniform.  Expected to be there every day – on time.  I think it has been more of a shock to my system than it has to yours.  So far so good as far as you are concerned.  Mummy has a few performance improvements to make.
  • Stood up to have a wee at the toilet – On one occasion you barged in on Daddy as he was having a wee and both of you had to share the toilet.  You were pleased as punch.
  • Had your first note home for being injured in school – you’d only been there two days.  I’ve kept it and framed it as it must be some sort of record.  Although I am not actually sure it was you that got hurt because you are normally such a drama queen.  When I asked you where it hurt you rubbed your knee and started limping, the note said you had bumped your head….

First day in school

  • Put on a show – yep we have reached that stage already.  Your favourite song – which is  my fault and completely shows my age – is Windmill from Amsterdam, you know the Eurovision entry that goes “I saw a mouse, where?”  It is the bit where you get to the line “going clip clippity clop…” that’s cracks me up as you get so tongue-tied.  You are a natural.  Which leads on quite nicely to the next first…
  • ….started Gymnastics – this is the best £4.50 I spend in the week.  I laugh for the whole hour.  I’m probably not meant to as no other parent stands there laughing at their child but that’s probably because theirs isn’t as entertaining as mine.  You get distracted and so make up the moves when it’s your turn on the apparatus because you haven’t been watching what to do.  You crash land on all the mats as if you are in a playbarn.  You have as much grace as an elephant.  And when all the others are lying down stretching you are still running around the room totally oblivious until someone catches you and points it out.  The last time we went you did a full lap before you noticed you were on your own.
  • Needed a bigger car seat.  You now have a big boys seat in the car which is far easier to get you in and out of.  My back pain has eased off and the amount of swear words I mutter under my breath struggling to get you in and out of the car has reduced greatly.

triceratops; face painting

  • Had your face painted as a Triceratops.  We went to a party and the other children were all asking to have their face painted as Spiderman or as a lion, it got to your turn and you asked to be a dinosaur.  You certainly put her skills to the test, and the result was amazing.  You were most definitely the cutest non-scariest Triceratops I have seen.
  • No longer need the pram to go anywhere.
  • Started believing that monsters were real.  Despite assurances – from both sides – this means that when you go to bed you completely cover yourself with your quilt.  You frighten me to death because you are just a big sweaty bundle when I come up to check on you.  Please start believing us.  They don’t exist.

So there we have it.  This month saw the last few reminders of your baby and toddler years end up in the skip – gone is the cot bed, the pram, the highchair, and now the car seat.  Let’s wait and see what this next phase brings with it.  I really do have a big boy on my hands now, albeit a big boy that is scared of the dark.

Love you x

Month of 1sts

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