Time Flies

There are some features of Facebook that annoy me – I DO NOT PLAY CANDY CRUSH SAGA NEITHER DO I WANT TO SO PLEASE DON’T INVITE ME – is a particular bug-bear of mine – and then those that make me smile, such as the feature that let’s you see your memories from previous years.  This particular reminder blew me away because remarkably it showed what had happened on the same day over the last 4 years, and so I wanted to share it here.  In my opinion it is a set of quite special photographs as I think they capture perfectly how my little man’s sense of adventure and independence has increased over that time period, and what a different 12 months can make.  Here they are:

Baby Swimming

Jan 2014 – The very first swimming session

tractor ride toddler

Jan 2015 – Going solo at the park 

Gruffalo Trail Delamere

Jan 2016 – Walking the Gruffalo trail (the long way around)

Tree climbing

Jan 2017 – Entering the tree-climbing phase

 As for next year, watch this space…….


Harry’s Honest Mummy x


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