Month of Firsts – December 2016

Here we are again, time to round up all of your “firsts” for another month.  I know I am a little behind on posting these – as I have been for the last few months – so there may be some things I have forgotten.  In fact the eagle-eyed might have noticed that I have skipped November completely.  I started this series of posts because I have epilepsy and it affects my short term memory so it is only me that misses out in the long run, as things you did that made me laugh will be lost forever.  So, Harry this is what – I can remember – you got up to in December.

  • Started at gymnastics.  It is the best hour of my week and I look forward to it as much as you do.  I spend the whole time laughing at you and your antics.  You managed to run a full lap of the sports hall before you noticed all the other children were lying down on the floor stretching, you make up your own moves on the apparatus, and you have as much grace as an elephant.  I certainly didn’t witness Max Whitlock on his way to Gold at the Olympics slam dunking himself to the floor to finish a move but it would have made for greater entertainment!
  • Took part in a nativity play – you were a shepherd, and in my eyes you were the BEST shepherd there.  Your Dad was especially proud of how you made your way over to where the Angels all were and sat down next to the prettiest one there.  Not that you stayed there for long.  Your exuberant dancing (have you ever seen a shepherd break dance before at a nativity?!?!?) took you right across to the other side of the stage.
  • Sang carols – obviously being in a nativity play involves some singing but I had no idea that you had even learnt any.  I can only assume you have realised that I am tone deaf and therefore didn’t want to go through the pain of having to practice any of them with me.
  • Sat on the top deck of a double decker bus.
  • Went to a Panto (oh no you didn’t – sorry couldn’t help myself there!).  I’d forgotten how cheesy they are but you loved every minute of it.
  • Rode on a roller coaster – lots of times.  Daddy and I had to take it in turns because we each started to feel a bit queasy.  Why is it that you can spin around like a top as a kid and never feel sick, yet as you grow up spinning around more than twice makes you feel like you have drank too many shots?
  • Went on a monorail and enjoyed “flying as high as the trees”.  Shouting out “that man has no hair” to a guy with a bald patch below us was only slightly embarrassing.
  • Listened to your first story in the car and you were amazed that “the car is talking”.  Yes, yes, I know it may sound a little late to have this experience but the car is the only place where I get to control the entertainment.  However it is done now, and Bruno Mars and Adele have finally made way for Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler.
  • Participated in a magic trick.  My nephew – who is quite good at these things – produced a coin from behind your ear. The look of wide-eyed wonderment on your face was just beautiful. I dont think any of us will forget it.  You kept feeling the back of your ears to see if there were any more hiding there.  You were completely amazed by it and wanted him to do it again, and again, and again…..
  • Indulged in afternoon tea.  Sadly Uncle Alun passed away in May 2015 but we get together on his birthday to celebrate his life and do something we know he would like.  He would have been quite amused with your sneaky tactic of sampling all the cakes and putting back the ones that you weren’t keen on.
  • BELIEVED in Santa – despite seeing him multiple times in various locations.  You were a bit confused that he couldn’t remember what you wanted even though you gave the same response each time to his question, but we managed to convince you that he was just a bit forgetful because he was old.  As you can see from the picture above it was a bit touch and go with the last one.
  • Got your first bike – a dinosaur one – obviously.  Based on the first outing, teaching you to ride it is going to be a challenge.  Definitely a job for someone with patience and endless positivity. If you know anyone please ask them to get in touch.

Love you x

Month of 1sts


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