Month of Firsts – April 2017

Here we are again, time to round up all of your “firsts” for another month.  I started this series of posts because I have a type of epilepsy that affects my short term memory.  Quite simply if I don’t write it down I forget it.  I don’t want to forget the moments that have brought a smile to my face, those that pulled at my heart strings and even those that left me wanting to rip my hair out in frustration.  So, Harry this is what – I can remember – you got up to in April.

  • Started swimming lessons – you are fearless in the water so these were long overdue.  I have to constantly have my wits about me because you throw yourself in to the water whether I am near you or not.  You have even started taking your armbands off when I am not looking.  I let you do it the last time we went swimming together and despite you constantly sinking like a stone you were determined to keep trying.  I take my hat off to you for your courage and perseverance.   I snuck in to the last lesson and watched you taking part without you knowing I was there.  You looked so grown up as you listened to every word the teacher told you and then tried really hard to follow through on her advice.  I was so proud.
  • Flew a kite (and didn’t let go).
  • Went to a car boot sale – and loved it.  To be honest you are a bit of a magpie so this was right up your alley.  I swear that half of the toys in your room are someone else’s.  I walked away having bought a child’s wetsuit, two dinosaurs, a few books, and some Bob the Builder trucks.
  • Drove the car (not really but you thought you did)
  • Ate a custard tart – “super-yummy”.  I didn’t even get a look-in!
  • Had a picnic in the car – this was also a first for me.  We went out for the day to the beach but as soon as we arrived the weather turned.  Having spent £4 to park your Dad was determined to make the most of it so we put the back seats of the car down and sat in the boot and had a picnic.  It was surprisingly good fun.  Thank goodness we have a Volvo. They should really think about adding this benefit in to their sales brochure.
  • Hunted for diamonds in Aldi. Those there that day will never forget what they witnessed.  For there was me on my hands and knees manically searching for the diamonds that pinged out of my engagement ring when I caught it against the conveyor belt.  I was screaming to your Daddy for help – he had just nipped off to grab a bottle of wine – and using you as a cordon so that no-one trod on them.  Remarkably we found them all.  That bottle of wine did not last long.
  • Swam with a blue whale.  It is a concrete one, but it is the same concrete one that your Mummy swam with when she was your age.  That particular leisure centre has certainly got it’s money’s worth from it.
  • Built a dam – in the stream on the campsite with the older children that are there.  It kept you – and them – entertained for hours.
  • Lost a pet – our beloved cat Homer.  The most placid and loving cat you could have ever met.  Sadly age and illness caught up with him.  At 20 years old, and in pain with a tumour on his kidneys, it was time to say goodbye.  We got home from gymnastics to see Daddy taking Homer in his “cat-house” to the vets.  When he came back without him you asked whether Daddy had driven him to see the angels (sweet).  Your mourning was brief, very brief in fact.  “I have no pet (sob)….pause…can we have a new one?”.  Grieving over.

If only it was that simple as you get older.

Love you x

Month of 1sts


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