Little Grippers Welly Socks

Little Grippers Welly Socks

For those of you that have read my posts you will know that Harry practically lives in wellies.  He is one of those children that likes stomping around and splashing in anything worth splashing in.  Unfortunately for us though Harry has an obsession about his socks not firmly fitting on his feet.  He is constantly whinging because they ruffle down in his wellies and crease under his foot.  It becomes a bit tiring after a while having to stop and stoop down to re-adjust them.  So when I saw these things called Welly Socks by Little Grippers I approached them to ask whether I could write a review on them.  They seemed like the answer to my prayers, and if anyone can thoroughly road test Welly Socks then Harry is your man.

Thankfully they didn’t mind my cheekiness and I received a pair of Welly Socks in the post.  The pair I received were in a really colourful star design.  They are made out of a lovely soft cotton towelling, perfect for keeping his feet and legs warm and cosy, and the thickness means they prevent his wellies from rubbing against his skin.  They fit snuggly just below the knee on his chubby little legs.  The unique selling point for these socks is the thin layer of hypoallergenic silicone applied to the top of the sock which is what stops them from rolling down.

To put them to the ultimate test we put them on for a day out at the beach.  From the photos you can see that Little Grippers had reason to fear. We were out for the whole day, stomping in lots of water, playing football, and running for miles up and down the beach.  So how did they do?

Well I am very pleased to say that the socks did not move.  It was a massive relief not to have to keep stopping every few minutes to take his wellies off and pull his socks up.  It meant we were able to just crack on with enjoying the day.  And all because of a thin layer of silicon around the top of the socks that kept them firmly in place!  So simple and so effective.

I wondered whether the Welly Socks would irritate his skin but there were no red marks (from them being too tight) and no sign of a reaction to the silicon.  And, the added bonus – which Little Grippers probably haven’t considered – is that they didn’t let in any sand so he wasn’t complaining about itchy toes.  For that reason alone I wouldn’t mind a pair myself for next time we are at the beach.

I am also very pleased to report back that they have washed beautifully and look like new, ready to go for our next welly stomping adventure.  It is easy to see why they have won a number of Awards and have featured widely in the Press.  The pair of Welly Socks I received cost £7.50 and in my opinion are worth every penny.  I haven’t stopped singing their praises and must admit that H wears them even when he hasn’t got his wellies on.  Thank you Little Grippers.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

Little Grippers do a wide range of socks ranging from school socks, to sport socks to Welly Socks, all in different sizes and designs.  You can find them at

I was not paid to write this review.  As I said earlier, I am just cheeky and asked if I could write one.

Magic Moments // Splash Landings

Splash Landings Alton Towers

We have just got back from an overnight stay at the Alton Towers Hotel.  We stayed on a mid week deal that included bed and breakfast and free entrance to the waterpark, all for only £65.  Check-in is from 3pm but when we arrived at midday we were told that our room was available.  We had a standard room to sleep 4, which consisted of a double bed and a single bed with a pull out.  This was the perfect set up for us as we didn’t have to worry about Harry falling out of anything.  The room was spotlessly clean and it had all the basics you need for a stay over – towels, ironing board, kettle, hairdryer, and TV (although I could not fathom out how to work the remote control – possibly just a sign of my age?!?!?).  We dumped our bags and set off for the pool with a very excited toddler in tow.  So, at £65 for the three of us, was it too good to be true?

Splash Landings Alton Towers


  • Variety of things to do for kids of all ages – even those over 40. 
    • Rapids – Sit on a rubber ring and drop down a water chute in to the water below.  H went on this with Hubby, but only the once….
    • Mega Blaster – Not for the faint hearted.  I had a few issues with my swim suit on this one.  It is a must for all adults.
    • Lazy River – We pushed H around the river on an inflatable ring.
    • Jacuzzi – I saw it, but I didn’t get a chance to go in it – such is life.
    • Climbing frames –  H “its a playbarn swimming pool”.
  • Ample seating available around the pool area.  We were lucky that we went when it was quiet as I can imagine that I might not be making this statement in school holidays.  To combat people “baggsying” seats you are advised to hang towels up in cargo netting, but this wasn’t enforced whist we were there, probably because it wasn’t busy.
  • Lots of lifeguards on duty.
  • Warm water – not always the case in some swimming pools.
  • Different pool areas to suit all swimming abilities.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Allowed to take photos.
  • Plenty of floats, buckets and toys available to use.
  • Child life jackets available.
  • Kiosk inside the pool area to buy food.
  • Plenty of room in the family changing rooms (all included a fold away changing table).
  • Even though we weren’t in the Splash Landings Hotel it didn’t matter because the two hotels are connected, meaning you don’t have to venture outside in to the cold to get to the waterpark.
Splash Landings Alton Towers


  • You have to take your room card with you, or have money with you, to buy food by the pool.  It would be good to have some sort of wristband that can be scanned and then charged to your room so you don’t have to go back and to the lockers.
  • When checking in I wasn’t told that in order to charge things to my room I should have put extra on my credit card (at the point of checking in).
  • I didn’t see any of those machines that spin dry your swimming costumes to get the water out – I have no idea what they are called.
Alton Towers Splash Landings


We enjoyed the waterpark experience so much that we paid an extra £5 per person to go the following day (H was free because he is under the age of 3). This was a special rate because we had stayed at the Hotel.   When you consider that most standard municipal swimming pools cost that to get in, then this was well worth the money – even though it did mean putting on slightly damp swimming costumes.

I can’t comment on the choice of restaurants because only one restaurant – The Secret Garden – was open due to it being quiet season.  The choice of food in the evening was good and the breakfast was excellent.

Thankfully our trip away really wasn’t too good to be true.  It turned out to be an absolute thumbs up from all of us.  As you might have guessed, another trip is most definitely on the cards.  Who knows, we might see you there!


Harry’s Honest Mummy x