Month of Firsts – July 2016

It’s that time again.  Time to reflect on last month and write-up all of the firsts that you achieved.  This was a series of posts I started because time was rushing by so quickly and I was losing track of what you did and when you did it.  I look at the ones from last year and love reading them and remembering all the things that made me laugh, frustrated me, and made me burst with pride.  Compared to other months this July was quite a quiet one.  But when I started this series I knew that some months would be busier than others.  So, Harry this is what you got up to:

  • Played naked basketball.  To be honest it was the first time you had played basketball at all, but you added an extra layer to this new experience by playing it in the nude.  You got so tangled around the post that at times it actually looked like you were auditioning as a pole dancer.  Rightly or wrongly we couldn’t contain our laugher which only served to encourage you more.  I am not sure whether nude basketball will catch on but if it does then you are a star in the making.   (Understandably there will be no photographs shared on social media of this event, however they will surface when you bring your first girlfriend home!).
  • Turned 3.  TURNED 3.  WHERE THE HELL DID THE TIME GO?!?!?!?!?  We borrowed a bouncy castle and in true summer birthday style it poured it down on the day so we couldn’t use it.  The following day we had it to ourselves and we both had fun throwing ourselves around on it.  Admittedly you lasted much longer than I did.  The 39 year age-gap certainly played to your advantage.
  • Had your first taster session in school (I am still in denial so I can’t discuss it).
  • Slept on the top bunk.  The bunk bed in our new zaziban (caravan) is narrower than our previous one and the bottom bunk does not have a side on it.  Therefore on the first night you fell out of the bottom bunk 3 times.  On the third occasion you shouted up “I OK Daddy, I get back in myself”.  The following night I was persuaded to let you sleep on the top bunk.  I woke up at every sound, but watching your peachy bum come down the steps in the morning and seeing you so pleased with yourself was worth it.
  • Finally mastered the tightrope on a climbing frame.  Every single ounce of concentration in your body went in to it.  I could tell because your tongue was sticking out the side of your mouth, which is exactly what happens to your Dad when he is concentrating.  Could it be hereditary?

I told you that this month didn’t have much to it, but it is not all just about the “firsts” that you do.  You are developing and improving on everything you have learnt so far, such as freewheeling down hill on your balance bike, perfecting that left foot strike of yours, walking up a slide (I do tell him off for that), counting in sequence (and not always through chance), and becoming more adventurous and independent as the summer days pass by.  And that brings me so much joy.  Thank you.

Love you x

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