Month of Firsts – June 2016

I am so behind with these posts at the moment and that is just because so many things are changing and it is hard to keep up.  Which is why I am so glad that I started this series of posts to keep track of what you have done. If it wasn’t for photos I would struggle to remember everything.  So here we go, here is my warts and all round up of all your “firsts”.  So, Harry this is what you got up to in June:

  • Chased bubbles around a field in nothing more than a pair of George Pig wellies.
  • Had your own seat on an airplane – we put you right by the window as you wanted to see your friends houses.  Your friends appear to have multiple houses stretching from Liverpool to Spain.
  • Stayed out until 11pm closely followed by….
  • Slept in until 10.30am!  (RESULT)
  • Ate in a Spanish restaurant.
  • Went away with all of Daddy’s family.
  • Became a human beach ball in a game of catch.
  • Stopped using the high chair.
  • Went the whole month without a wet night time nappy.
  • Got a big boys bed – that I am not allowed to sleep in because “you’re not a big boy mummy”.
  • Went to school – it was only for a look around and you loved the climbing frame and the wendy house in the playground.  It was a struggle to get you in the class room.  Even when I managed to get you to the door all you did was hold on tightly to the frame and poke your head in.  The only response I got was “right” and then you turned and ran back to play on the climbing frame.  Can’t say I blame you to be honest.  September is going to be a shock for me, you and them.
  • Got a splinter – you would swear that your hand was falling off the noise you made when we tried to take it out.  You got so worked up that we had to stop in case you passed out.  The following day you were slightly more rational and we were successful in extracting the splinter from your finger.  Then you got another one the day after……
  • Had a day out with all your buddies (and their Mummy’s) at Mattel World and stepped on to the set of Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and Thomas The Tank Engine.  A great day out (for us both).
  • Got out of bed in the night to have a wee-wee.  I heard you get up and thought you were making your way in to our room.  I held my breath fully expecting the words “Mummy I have tummy ache”, but your feet pattered past our door.  I then heard the toilet lid lift and a few seconds later I heard it flush.  Then you pattered past on your way back to bed.  I was so proud of you.

Proud, but also a little upset.  You see you really are turning in to my big boy now aren’t you.  I have had reminders of it all month.  A big bed, a new school, dry at night, and the icing on the cake is that we have said goodbye to Milk Roll for your sandwiches.  It’s big boys butties from here on in.

Love you x

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