Month of Firsts – Mid Year Round-Up 2018

Month of Firsts – Mid Year Round-Up 2018

I have been sooo slack at keeping my Month of Firsts posts updated this year. In fact I am truly embarrassed by my lack of effort. To think these posts were originally set up to help me with my memory recall.  Something I struggle with as a result of my epilepsy. If I don’t do this now I know I’m only going to end up regretting it a year or two from now.  There has been so much to capture that I fear I’ve only remembered a fraction of it, and most of it has been extraordinary.   So, in no particular order here goes:


  • Went on a Big Wheel – I had to get off and leave you on it with Daddy because I was terrified.  You two stayed on for three more turns.  To be honest I am not sure what was more terrifying.  Taking part in the experience? Or watching you standing up and trying to poke your head through the bars to see me as you made your way around?
  • Held a barn owl
  • Touched a tarantula – rather you than me!
  • Went on the dodgems
  • Had your first football presentation evening (and got a trophy) – trust me it wasn’t for your footballing ability.  The highlight (or should that be low point) this season was watching you on the pitch – miles from the action – flapping your arms up and down learning to fly.  You were happy, the coach was baffled, the other parents were amused, and I was mortified.


  • Went on a minibus
  • Got swabbed for explosives at the airport – WTF!?@!
  • Ate sardines
  • Ate Tapas
  • Had chicken pox – when they say you would take any illness for your child rather than them have it, this one I would have to think about.  You were covered!  They also became infected and went black and sore so that they looked like bullet holes in your little body.  Thankfully they are fading but it may be some time until the ones on your legs have disappeared.  No lovely legs contests for you for a while.
  • Tried curry sauce with your chips – BIG mistake because now I will have to share the fruity pot of loveliness.

  • Wore footy studs
  • Went to a theme park
  • Went to Sports Camp – and took part in activities such as judo, fencing, golf, and tennis.  It only took you two days to let them know you were left handed.  Needless to say your fencing, golf, and tennis ability didn’t appear to suffer.
  • Rode on the log flume
  • Took part in an easter egg hunt
  • Used swimming goggles
  • Went sledging
  • Went ten pin bowling – and beat me!  Based on my performance, next time we go I qualify for the guard rails on my lane more than you do.



But I end the post on a touch of sadness, as this is the first month that I couldn’t pick you up.  You are just too heavy.  To overcome this you have to jump up at the same time as I lift so we can get some momentum going.  Please stop growing.  I still want to be able to lift you up and carry you upstairs to tuck you in at night.  Or at least please just give me a little more time to get used to the fact that soon I won’t be able too.

Love you x


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