Month of Firsts – October 2016

Month of Firsts – October 2016

Another month and another instalment of Month of Firsts. The series of posts I started because I was struggling to keep track of what you did and when you did it.  I love looking back and reading what we got up to as it brings the memories flooding right back.  However, of late I have been a little tardy with these posts.  I am so not up to date with what you have been up to – hence this post being written in Feb – but it highlights to me just how important it is to keep on top of things as a lot I have already forgotten.  So, Harry here is what I can remember that you got up to in October:

  • Became a Ranger Leader – In H’s school they do something called Forest Day.  He was the first child to be picked as leader from his class.  I am not sure what it entails as I get very little information from him.  So a quick check of the school website informs me that they have so far planted a bug house in the school garden, collected leaves from different trees, and according to Harry they left out “cheerios” for the birds.
  • Made new friends – I’ve started to hear a couple of new names creep in to conversations – Leo, Amelia, Oscar.  I am curious to meet these children as little do you know it but they may become a big part of your life, just as my primary school friends still play a big part in mine.
  • Had your official school photo taken – Oh I absolutely beamed with pride when this came home.  I am happy to admit I had a tear in my eye and wanted to buy the biggest package of photos I could get – your Dad acted as the voice of reason as we didn’t know enough people to send them all too.  You look so handsome and extremely grown up sitting there proudly in your uniform.  I am usually the photographer in this household so I appreciate how difficult it is to get you to sit still for more than ten seconds.  Hats off to whoever it was that got you to pose long enough to get such a great photo.
  • Had your first School parents meeting – yep that’s right.  He is 3.5 years old and we still had a Parents Evening.  Well it was actually a Parent’s Day.  Slightly awkward for us working parents all scrambling to get the last appointment in the day.  Yet again I heard things about you that surprised me.  For example, you like playing with all the cars and construction items.  Something you never touch at home.  I questioned whether she got that right!  You engage in all the lessons, you are sociable, like to make people laugh, polite, well behaved and are getting on well.  Again, I couldn’t be prouder.
  • Fearlessly tackled the monkey bars, climbing wall, and cargo net at the park –  I’m not sure what they are teaching you in school, could just be a co-incidence, but whereas a few months ago you would have been slightly reluctant to have a go you are now throwing yourself at them without a care in the world.  However it does mean that I need to be far more alert when we visit a park as before I know it you are dangling by your fingernails way above me.  I have to be on my toes ready to sprint and catch you at any moment!
  • Went pumpkin picking – this was a first for the both of us and deserved a whole post of its own (read it here).  Let’s just put it this way, it was an experience.
  • Met Woody – the face says it all!

Love you x

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