New Paddling Pool // My Week In Pictures // Week 13

New Paddling Pool // My Week In Pictures // Week 13

I can’t believe how nice the weather has been the last week or two.  More importantly, that it has been nice at the weekend, even a Bank Holiday one.  I was thrilled we had no plans so we could just get out there and enjoy it. Who knows, this few weeks might just be our Summer so we have to make the most of it!  First job was to get the paddling pool out for H.   After pumping air in to it for quite a while it was pretty obvious we had a problem.  Unfortunately we had put the stoppers, that prevent the pool from deflating, in a “safe place”.  You know the one, THAT safe place that is so safe that no-one can find them, not even the person that left them there.  After searching the shed, the summer house, and every cupboard in the utility room I gave up.  In his distraught state Harry suggested I just sit there with my fingers blocking the air holes so that the pool stayed up.  I almost considered it as his disappointment and sobbing was unbearable.

The Solution

Despite not wanting to leave the garden the only answer to the problem was to head to the shops for a new one.  He had been such a good boy and so looking forward to playing in it that not doing so felt like a punishment.  Praying that the gods were in my favour I jumped in the car and set off for the supermarket to find a new paddling pool.  Not only did I find a pool, I found the exact same one.  Which means if we get a puncture in one we now have a replacement.  Winner!  I think that just about qualifies me for Mum Of The Week Award don’t you?

The Result

The three photos I have chosen – and it was tough to only choose three – confirm what a popular purchase it was.  That smile is priceless and well worth a trip out on a Bank Holiday to the shops.  Despite not having as much time as I liked, the garden doesn’t look to bad in them either!

Week In Pictures - Bank Holiday fun with the new paddling pool

Harry full of excitement waiting for the new paddling pool to fill up

Relaxing in the new paddling pool after a long hard day in the sun

Top:  Harry and Jaws (yes we are so original in this house) waiting for the new pool to inflate.

Middle:  Harry helping to fill the pool – and take the odd gulp of water to cool himself down.

Bottom:  After a hard day splashing about it’s time to take a rest, have a drink and kick back.


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