My Week In Pictures // Week 4

Welcome once again to my new series of posts – My Week In Pictures.  It is where I choose a maximum of 3 pictures to sum up my week.  This collection of posts is designed to help me focus on the happy stuff in my week.  It is often too easy to get dragged in to the complexities of life and lose sight of what is important.  So this series will – hopefully – help me combine my three favourite things in my life: my family, my love of photography and blogging.

We have been on holiday so it has been a real challenge to pick my favourite ones.  The camera has been working overtime to capture all our special moments.  I think I have gone for the right ones.   What do you think?

Pony Ride, Horse Ride, Foel Farm, Anglesey

Dunes, Running, Chase, Summer, Lligwy

Summer, Happy, Ice Cream

Top: My big brave boy riding solo on one of the ponies (Tommy) at Foel Farm in Anglesey

Middle: Running away from me in the dunes at Lligwy Beach.

Bottom: Another day of the summer holidays at the beach and therefore another ice cream to cool down.  This one was actually ours to share. He revelled in the fact he scoffed most of it!

See you next week.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

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