Halloween Tips And Food Ideas From Organix

Parenting, Reviews / Friday, October 27th, 2017

It’s that time of the year again – Halloween – when we dress up our little ones in anything from a pumpkin outfit to a blood splattered zombie.  Personally, the former is my favoured choice.  I prefer something that creates maximum embarrassment as they get older and see photos of themselves.  So, the pumpkin outfit it is, and the more orange and plump the better.  Plus photographic evidence is ideal blackmail material for when they turn in to a petulant teenager.

A few of us may even choose to hold a Halloween themed party!  Whilst there is obviously the usual buffet selection, you may want to add something a little healthier to the menu.  Not to mention put something on the menu that is completely in keeping with the “spirit” of things.  Thankfully Organix have come up with some great – no junk – Halloween tips and recipes.

So, here are my Top 3:

Halloween Food, Halloween, Healthy Snacks, Organix

Spooky Skeleton Platter

Who doesn’t cut up carrots and cucumber to add to the buffet?  However, in an effort to make them look good why not try out this spooky Skeleton inspired platter.  How fantastic is this!  And for the least creative of us – me – just look how easy it is to do.

Organix, Halloween, Halloween Food, Spooky Skeleton

Ghostly Pizza

Eaten hot or cold these are a great staple to have on the buffet.  Once again they are so easy to make and they look really effective.   To make life even simpler Organix have kindly provided the recipe over on their site: www.organix.com

Haloween Food, Organix, Pizza

Pumpkin Risotto

If it is cold outside and the little ones need something to warm them up then this idea fits the bill.  Ghoulishly good and filling.

Risotto, Halloween, Halloween Food

If my top 3 have given you some inspiration then you will find lots more spooky Halloween tips and recipes over at www.organix.com



Harry’s Honest Mummy x

5 Replies to “Halloween Tips And Food Ideas From Organix”

  1. The pizza ghosts are fantastic! My son loves pizza, so now we have the menu for Halloween! #thelistlinky

  2. Oh wow these are so brilliant!! I love the pizza! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. I hope you managed to use them. If not, there is always next year xx

  3. These look fab! We didn’t have a halloween party but it would have been pretty cool to do something for tea like this! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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