The Best Quick And Easy Camping Meal Ideas

The Best Quick And Easy Camping Meal Ideas

So what do I cook?

I find deciding what to cook is one of the hardest things about going camping.  Yet going camping doesn’t have to mean baked beans on toast, or firing up the BBQ every evening.  If you are like me, you don’t want to be slaving over the BBQ whilst everyone else is outside enjoying the evening.  I want to go off – like everyone else – for a shower after a day on the beach, and enjoy a cool beer watching the sun go down.  More importantly, feeding the kids before they start crying with hunger is conducive to a stress-free camping holiday!  So, with the help of other experienced campers, I have put together this list of the best quick and easy camping meal ideas.   I guarantee you there will be something for everyone.  In addition, not may ingredients are required, meaning you don’t have to worry about storage space.


What if I am not a great cook?

Don’t worry about that.  Despite them being awesome, these meals do not require a high degree of cooking expertise.    All you need is a few bits and pieces, such as a BBQ, (we use a Cadac), a stove, a pan, a wooden spoon, and a tin opener.  There are a couple of others bits, but that is dependant on the meals you choose from the list below.  So as promised, here is your list of the best quick and easy camping meal ideas.

A list of the best quick and easy camping meal ideas for families. As recommended by experienced campers.


The Best Quick And Easy Camping Meal Ideas

  1. Pea and Bacon Risotto – I do this using the wok but you can make this in a normal camping pan as well.  Fry off the bacon – I prefer smoked – add a bit of garlic and the risotto rice.  Make sure the rice is coated and then add your stock and water.  Turn down the gas and just leave to bubble.  Add the peas towards the end, and then sprinkle with cheese just as you serve and stir it in.
  2. Butterflied Chicken and Bacon Burgers – It is just a nice change to the normal beef option.  Butterflying the chicken means it cooks in half the time.
  3. Chilli  – Quite simply one of the easiest and best loved meal ideas to cook up when camping.  Laura makes hers and freezes it up beforehand.  It defrosts on the journey ready to eat that evening.  Genius!
  4. Fondue – This suggestion is very different, yet what a really sociable meal idea.  Polly reckons it is great in the evenings and her kids love the dipping element and the cheese.
  5. Fajitas – You could use the left over chilli from the earlier suggestion, or make a chicken variety – Kelly
  6. Filled Jacket Potatoes – Prick the jackets, wrap in foil and put directly into the coals or fire to bake. Alex takes grated cheese and various toppings in little Tupperware pots – her favourite is chilli but the kids always love beans and cheese!
  7. Home made pizza – This one requires a pizza stone plate for the Cadac.  Tracey buys a pizza base and then tops it with any left-over ingredients in the fridge.
  8. Campfire Salmon – This suggestion from Megan is awesome and not something you think possible, but it is.   It is so easy that it blew my mind.  I tried this at the weekend and it is a must-have!  Get all of your ingredients together (I had pak choi and spring onions), layer them up in a piece of foil and lay the salmon on top.  Wrap in newspaper and tie it up in to a parcel.  Make sure you get the paper wet and then place on a rack just above the coals.
  9. Witches Stew – Brilliant idea from Jade as you can use up the left-overs from breakfast.  All you need is bacon, sausages, baked beans, tinned tomatoes and a bit of Worcester sauce all in the same pan. Serve with a crusty rolls, perfect!
  10. Pancakes – Emma takes dry mix in an old bottle and then just adds the wet ingredients, gives it a shake and voila.  If you’re doing savoury, cook the bacon, veg or whatever filling first and then the pancakes.

And as a little treat why not try this little beauty for pudding suggested by Emma – Bananas and chocolate wrapped in foil – Yum!


Feeling inspired?

If you are heading off for a week then there is more than enough there to go with.  Pick and choose as you like.  To be honest with that list – and a few ingredient substitutions – you could keep going for a fortnight.  All that’s left to do is write the shopping list, go out and buy it, organise the cooking equipment and off you go.  Have a great trip and come back and let me know how you got on.


If you have any other quick and easy meal suggestions please fee free to leave me a comment so I can add it to the list.  I love hearing new ideas.



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