In my earlier life – pre child – I hardly took any photographs.  Yet since having Harry I take thousands. You see it’s a necessity for me.  I HAVE to take them.  My epilepsy means I struggle with short term memory. There are places we have been on holiday, restaurants we have eaten in, and events we have attended that I’m adamant I wasn’t there for.  Therefore evidencing events in Harry’s life is very important to me, and photography is key to that.  Photography and this blog. Both go hand in hand.

I am an amateur.  Some days I have a real love/hate relationship with the lens, however I’m addicted. It’s all about the challenge of getting better.  Some days I feel it, some days I want to throw the camera in the bin (I’ve heard people say the same about golf).  On days like those it’s the subject matter that keeps me going.

I didn’t show any creative flair in school. In fact my Art teacher actively persuaded me not to pursue the subject. But I’ve found a real love for photography.

Image used to recognise my photography posts - snapshot of the week

I regularly post a snapshot of the week. It’s the one photo that makes me smile. By sharing it I hope it brings a smile to someone else as well.

Image used to recognise my photography posts - My week in pictures

I also started a series of photography posts called My Week in Pictures. Three pictures that sum up my week. Narrowing it down to three is often a challenge.

I hope you like the photography posts I share.