Magic Moments 13/09/2015

It seems that I have as many holidays as Judith Chalmers (showing my age there!), but the reality is that I have just stored them up until the latter half of the year.  There was just too much going on at the start of the year to fit them all in.  So what have we been up to this week….

On the day that Llanfair PG was the hottest day in the UK we ventured off on a bike ride to one of the beaches nearby.  I did not know this fact at the time, all INewborough Beach knew was that I was sweating and having to stop quite a bit for water.  I put it down to being overweight and unfit.  I am pleased there is another reason I can use!  The upshot of drinking a lot is the need to go to the toilet and unluckily for me the beach we were on had NO facilities.  Thank god for sand-dunes. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Newborough BeachAfter eating our picnic all of us had a snooze in the sun tent as the heat had really zapped it out of all of us.  Although my padded backside wasn’t registering it immediately, the “adventure” was well worth the 20 mile (round trip) bike journey in 24*C heat.  Stunning views, a deserted beach, and fabulous weather.

The following day we went swimming and H swam between my husband and I with only his arm bands as support.  I was so proud I was clapping like a sea-lion.  He was putting in so much effort that even his eyebrows were moving.  After that it was all go, with him even having a go on his back.  The shame I had felt for months for flashing my boobs at other swimmers was soon forgotten.  (When H was in a bad mood and didn’t want to swim he would try and climb up me, often sticking his feet down the top of my swimsuit and exposing me to the pool attendants!  It happened that often that a:  I was going to invent a polo-neck swimsuit, and b: I thought I was going to be barred).

Newborough BeachYet again the weather was kind to us all week.  Anglesey you never let us down.  We had ample chance to spend yet more time on the beach, flicking away wasps, falling asleep in the sunshine, and indulging in ice-cream.

However it wasn’t all good fun.  H picked up a tickly cough, and when you are all staying in a confined space then that isn’t good.  Very little sleep was had by any of us.

H also managed to break a bone in my nose.  Mummy’s fault for encouraging den-making under the quilt.  I lent over him as he brought his head back sharply and on to my nose.  I heard a crack and it felt like my nose had been pushed in to the back of my head.  And then I saw blood….lots of blood.  Unfortunately hubby had driven down to the coastal path to go on a run and hadn’t taken his phone.  So I had to sit on the floor for a while and wait for the dizziness to pass/him to get back.  Whichever was sooner.  So on top of H coughing, hubby then had to listen to me snoring for the rest of the week.

Despite that, it was a great week and will probably be the last break we have at the zaziban (caravan) until next year.  Over the next few weeks we will have to go down to pack it up and drag it back home thus indicating the start of winter.  Thank goodness Strictly will be back on soon to cheer me up.

Have a good week.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x

Running in Lavender

Magic Moments – 23/8/2015

After returning from a really special family holiday, the week settled back in to its usual pattern.  On my way to work I dropped H off at the childminder and his parting words to me were “have a nice holiday Mummy”.  They couldn’t have been further from the truth, but they did at least bring a smile mudto my face.  The rest of the week was spent wishing it away so we could go back to our caravan.  He and I went there without Daddy this time and it was lovely to get that bonding time.  My sister  joined us for a few hours and whilst we were talking H wandered off to a puddle nearby.  All I will say is Peppa Pig has an awful lot to answer for.  H was caked in mud!  He honestly looked like he had bathing in it.  He looked so proud of himself as he announced he had been making mud soup.  Hmm yum yum, lucky me!

Unfortunately our weekend was spoilt slightly as H was called names by an older boy on the campsite.  As I was tidying everything away he came in looking all forlorn.  I asked the usual questions “are you tired Harry?”, “are you hungry Harry?”, “have you hurt yourself Harry?” all met with a shake of the head.  So he sat down and I went out in to the awning to continue packing up.  And then I heard the little boy shouting it as he was cycling past.  H had no idea what the names meant but he obviously knew that it wasn’t nice. Luckily Mummy kept her cool and calmly went out and told the older boy that what he was doing was a little unfair and he should know better than to pick on a small boy.  I resisted the urge to scream “go pick on someone your own size!”  I guess though that there will be plenty of , moments like this, I just hadn’t expected it so soon.

Trampoline and Cake

Grace's PartyThankfully things improved as we had two birthday parties to attend on the Sunday.  At the first one he managed to combine two of his favourite things – bouncing on a trampoline whilst eating cake.  A quick change of clothing later he was using his charm on the ladies – especially on the birthday girl – and eating yet more cake.  A perfect way to shake off the previous days unpleasantries.

Have a good week.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x