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So just who is Harry’s Honest Mummy?  Here is all you need to know about me and what inspired my blog.

I used to drive an MX5 and holiday at all-inclusive resorts in beautiful places.  I now drive a Volvo estate and tow a caravan around the UK.

I used to have a season ticket at Liverpool Football Club and worship Stevie G.  I now have a TV subscription to Sky Sports and a season ticket to the Zoo.

I used to have a flat stomach and a healthy bank balance.  The less said about now the better.

I used to spend a lot of energy on trying to climb the career ladder.  I am now first out from work so that I can spend all my energy on my little man.

Today I am in a much better place and I have been told I am a nicer person. I am a 40 something new mummy who is loving motherhood.  And I have my little cheeky monkey to thank for that.  I wouldn’t change what I have for the world.


The serious bit

I started the blog because I suffer with epilepsy.  I was diagnosed in my 30’s with simple partial epilepsy and I have found that it really affects my short term memory.  There are places I have been on holiday, friends I have had, events I have attended and restaurants I have eaten at that I just can’t recall.  Most of the time I just nod and say that I do remember as I know that is easier than telling the truth.  Last thing I want to do is upset someone if that memory is special to them.  Once I had Harry I was desperate not to forget anything.  I want to look back and read about the first time he spoke, the first time he rode a bike, his first day at school.  As he grows up I want to share those memories with him.  Ultimately I also need material to dish up on him at his 18th birthday party!


This is me and this is who I love x

About Me, Harry's Honest Mummy

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